Monday, May 21, 2018

Friends Meet at Dayton 2018


K8KI  &  KG5VK

Bob and I first met while we were serving in the United States Air Force, back in 1979
We have stayed in touch and seen each other at a few Ham Fest over the Years at Dayton.
I had been absent from Dayton for the last 8 years. it was great to run into Bob in the Flea Market Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

2018 Dayton here I come !!!

Looking forward to another long over do trip to Dayton Ham Fest
I also signed up for the DX Dinner as well as Contest University.
I ave been neglect in posting the the Ole Sundown DX Association Blog
let's see if I can start posting now that Spring is around the corner :)
By the way if your an ARRL member, and if not why not !!!
Check out page 125 of the March QST.....
How about that guy in the Red ICOM Shirt and next to me is my better half.
I am off from the shop here at MTC tomorrow to sleep in and get ready for some major Butt in the Chair time for this week-end's edition of the ARRL Phone DX Contest
Lately most of my Q's have been either FT8 or CW.....

Cheers!    Steve

Friday, June 16, 2017

N1MM+ MACRO Cat commands to FTdx5000 with a DVS-6

Another way for sending voice messages is to use the optional DVS-6. 
With the macro {CAT1ASC PB0#;} 
in the N1MM F-keys you can send the 5 available voice messages.

also a Note from K3CT on this......

Make sure you check “Internal Radio Codec” in the Logger+ Audio, Playback tab. This will cause the program to send commands to the radio to switch between the MIC and radio codec. It should not be necessary to change radio menu items to perform this switching.

John, K3CT


Saturday, May 20, 2017

A thought on the Mining WSPR transmissions

Click on "Specify query parameters" and specify your callsign or callsign of a particular spotting station.

Copy the screen data to a text file then import the data into MS Excel (or equiv.) and plot like shown further on down on this webpage: