Saturday, May 11, 2019

Emory Texas Ham Fest Tail Gate Party

The Emory Ham Fest Tail Gate Party
May 11. 2019

Was a success in my book !
While it rained all day, the turn out considering it was an outside venue was great.
Many of the Rains County Amateurs brought pop up tents for Vendors to use

My Mom has always said that I would not melt if I got wet
and that was true

The fellowship from club members was warm and friendly
I am already looking forward to their next venue !


Friday, April 26, 2019

I'm in Rockwall, Texas tonight and bright and early head to Garland for Mentor Fest 2019 at the Hella Shrine

April 26,  2019

I'm on the road (Pit Stop) is Rockwall Texas

Tomorrow is Mentor Fest 2019
April 27, 2019

Garland, Texas at the Hella Shrine


TIMESession 1Session 2Session 3Session 4Session 5Session 6
6:00 - 8:45Setup
9:00 - 9:45Do you need an antenna tuner?DMR- Digital Mobile RadioDigital HF modes- FT-8 digital on HFRaspberry Pi and Ham RadioAnderson power polesAREDN 
10:00 - 10:45Do you need an antenna tuner?DMR- Digital Mobile RadioDigital HF modes- FT-8 digital on HFRaspberry Pi and Ham RadioCoax ConnectorsFSQ 
11:00 - 11:45Do you need an antenna tuner?DMR- Digital Mobile RadioDigital HF modes- FT-8 digital on HFRaspberry Pi and Ham RadioSoldering 100, An IntroHands On AREDN/FSQ 
11:45 - 1:00Lunch
1:00 - 1:45Practical BaoFeng HT Radio Programming 101DMR- Digital Mobile RadioDigital HF modes- FT-8 digital on HFRaspberry Pi and Ham RadioAnderson power polesAREDN 
2:00 - 2:45Practical BaoFeng HT Radio Programming 101DMR- Digital Mobile RadioDigital HF modes- FT-8 digital on HFRaspberry Pi and Ham RadioCoax ConnectorsFSQ 
3:00 - 3:45Practical BaoFeng HT Radio Programming 101DMR- Digital Mobile RadioDigital HF modes- FT-8 digital on HFRaspberry Pi and Ham RadioSoldering 100, An IntroHands On AREDN/FSQ
3:45 - 5:00Tear Down and Clean Up

We have Ten Mentors covering a wide range of Topics in Formal Seminars (listed above)
There will also be a lot of casual mentoring sessions at one of over six different club tables
Our ARRL West Gulf Division Director John Stratton will join my self and many others at the ARRL table
I encourage everyone to come meet our director, myself and many other talented Ham radio members
that are eager to share with others.

What I love about sharing in a learning Environment is that we all learn
Come on out and lets have some fun learning about our great hobby !

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Irving Ham Fest on the 2nd of March

I will be at the Irving Ham Fest on the 2nd of March
Please stop by the ARRL Table and say hello


North Texas ARRL members Vote for Steven Lott Smith KG5VK as the new Section Manager

News Flash !   (February 19,2019)

Fellow North Texas ARRL members voted me into office as the next ARRL NTX Section Manager !

A big Thank You to each and every one that Voted, 

not just those that voted for me personally, 
but everyone that took a few minutes to mark their Ballot and get it in the mail !

I am very thankful that I won the confidence of the majority of my fellow North Texas ARRL members and you have given me a chance to work for you !!!

Even though, I do not take office tell the First of April, 2019
I am hitting the ground running, answering phone calls, email and text messages

Please, if I do not answer the phone...
leave a short message with a topic, or at least your call sign and phone number.

This will allow me to get back to you with the info you need and not have to call you back after I research the solutions or answers to your question(s)

This simply helps me, help more members faster and more efficiently.


KG5VK at ARRL dot Net
Tel 318-470-9806

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some of My Goals as your new ARRL North Texas Section Manager, if elected

  • Fix a few things......

    1. The Broken or Incomplete Profiles on the website
    2. The Broken NTX Feeds to the Division website
    3. More Active Communication from SM to members with a request that they provide feedback, emphasis on the routine of a Monthly Section News Letter

      • Create some new tools to promote Active communication

        1. Monthly Pod Casts
        2. Quarterly Emails, Pod Castings and / or Face Book postings of...
        State of The Section Reports

        • Education of members to the tools at hand to solve problems and communicate with the Section Manager and his Station level appointees
          aside from the website for example use of the NTX Email reflector
        • Insure that fellow North Texans are aware of the many programs that are in place for our Section and Division members. Such as....

          1. Scholarships
          2. Encourage nominations to the Division Awards program for Young Ham of the Year, Ham of the Year etc.
          3. Seek Nominations for ARRL NTX Section Ham of the Year
            and provide the award to one of those nominated once a year per my term in office.
          4. ARRL special club of the year award for the club that recruits the greatest number of new ARRL members within the last 12 months
            I will obviously have to work out some details on this one so it is fair to lower populated clubs as well as large member clubs.

            •  Ensure that the ARRL Section Table is Manned on both Friday & Saturday at Cowtown & HamCom, not just Saturday

              These are just a few of the things that I want to do and see done better, others will come once in office if elected to serve

              Steven Lott Smith

My ARRL NTX Section Manager Campaign stop at The Garland Amateur Radio Club

Last night myself (KG5VK) and Ken KD2KW were at the Garland ARC meeting
we were invited by the GARC Club to introduce ourselves as the current Candidates for your Section Manager (ARRL NTX) and take questions from the members.

We received many great questions !

One question I had for the members was...
When was the last time a North Texas ARRL member was awarded Ham of The Year ?
Unfortunately,  no one could recall
To me that means it has been way to long ago and I expressed that
Maybe it is because none of the recent SM's have asked the members to nominate someone ???
I found nothing on this in the current NTX section searches I did,
why, could be many reasons.

I do plan on if elected to seek Nominations for a section Ham of the year from our section
and award one accordingly each year I am in office, if elected.

I also encourage members of North Texas to submit a nomination to our Division
This is easily done by following the instructions found at the following link...
We have Many deserving Hams in our section that have been over looked for far too long !

I have another question for those reading this..........
Can you name Ten great things that have happened in our Section in the last year and a half ?
Now how many of those things were generated at the Section manager level ????
Regardless of the answer, those numbers (both of those answers) needs to be much higher 
and that is but One of my goals if elected as your Section Manager

As always you can contact me with questions via email
Tele 318-470-9806


Thursday, January 10, 2019

My Campaign Journey for ARRL Section Manager

When I decided to run as the new Section Manager for the North Texas Section of the ARRL
I was faced with the question of how do I get the word out to the Forty Four Thousand plus fellow North Texas ARRL members

My Game plan became to do a small limited Mail out to approximately a fourth of the members,
The first week of this month One Thousand Letters were mailed
both letting members know who I am and why I am running as well as asking for their Vote.

I wish I could have mailed a letter to every member in North Texas
but my budget could not support that.

How to spread the word to an even wider audience?
I decided to give Jason KC5HWB of Ham Radio 2.0 a call
and I asked if he could help spread the word that there was actually an Election this year
for a new NTX section manager

He agreed and was all in, and in fact did an interview a few days later with Jay Urish the current SM
and this past week-end did an interview of both myself and Ken KD2KW the other Candidate

I received a lot of emails and even a few phone calls after that interview.
Every one of those contacts were positive and several had some great ideas on how to improve our section.

We have 68 counties in the North Texas ARRL Section
it is a big area and I will need lots of help, to make our section a roll model for other sections.
So keep the ideas and phone calls coming !

Telephone 318-470-9806
I can also be reached on FB & Messenger
My FB ID is Steven Lott Smith KG5VK

Here are the links to the interviews that Jason of Ham Radio 2.0 did.........

Jason's Interview with Jay Urish W5GM our current Section manager

Interview with 2019 Candidates of North Texas Section by Jason of Ham Radio 2.0

The Closing Statements from the Interview of Candidates

You will be receiving Section manager Ballots from the ARRL
soon, please educate yourself on both Candidates and Vote
for who you feel will do the most work for all ARRL members in North Texas

I hit the ground on this campaign with a sprint to get the word out
Before the first of the year I attended two Amateur Radio Club Christmas parties
one in Paris Texas (RRVARC) and one in Atlanta, Texas (LETARS)

Then it was the RRVARC club meeting (Paris, TX),  The MJARS club meeting (Atlanta, TX),
Ham Radio 2.0 Interview at the Hunt County EOC in Hurst, Texas  and The Dallas Amateur Radio Club DARC meeting  Tuesday the 8th of January.
Tonight I will be at the MARS Club meeting in Carrollton, Texas


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A good friend asked me today why I want to be the ARRL Section Manager for North Texas

A good friend of mine asked me, 
why I want to be the Section manager of North Texas

Do you know who our current station appointees are ? ( I did not, until recently)
Are they doing a great job ?

Have you told the current Section Manager that they are doing an Excellent job ?
My phone number is 318-470-9806 my Email address is
I am available for you to call and chat with, now and in the future
Are you in need of help with something in your station, you read the book and are still struggling to find the answer ?
Are you struggling to find someone to help you put up an antenna, call me 318-470-9806
I recently traveled to Howe Texas to put up two antennas for a fellow Ham (K5FO Jay) that I did not even know (does this mean I will personally put up everyone's antennas of course not, but I will certainly make every effort I can to muster help)

I have always been able to motivate from within, by giving fellow Hams inspiration and courage to tackle the task at hand.
I motivate in a positive manner thru Education.
We need more education in all aspects of our hobby
Why should we learn proper phonetics?
I live in an HOA, how can I get on the air?
Do you have a license and have yet to get on the air?

I may not know the answer to every thing, but I can find the person that does know and we can all learn from that.
I have a track record of Motivating others through my passion and enthusiasm
Please call or email me now, if the line is busy as they say please leave a message or drop me that email and I will get back to you ASAP
I want to earn your vote!


Thursday, December 06, 2018

I am seeking the position of ARRL Section Manager for North Texas

Following the recent announcement by Jay Urish that he is not accepting another term as our SM for NTX and now that I am again retired, I am seeking the position.

For those that would like to know a bit more about me...

Steven Lott Smith

Born Miami Florida September 1955

First Licensed in 1972 as WN0FOI
Graduate of Parkway High School Manchester Missouri 1974 (But I’m class of 75)
Entered Active Duty with The United States Air Force September 1974
Met my Wife who is from North Texas, while we were both stationed in California
We lived in West Texas from 1981 - 1985 (Dyess AFB)
During that time, I was twice president of the Key City Amateur Radio Club in Abilene, Texas.
Following that assignment we were at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, where I was the President of the Shreveport Amateur Radio Association for 3 years consecutively and two more years later on.
I served in Desert Shield / Storm from December of 1990, through March of 1991 with the 801 Bomb Wing (B-52's)
Retired from the USAF October 1st 1993 and started a Professional Photography Business (Lott's Photo), continued that line of work and also began teaching photography at Bossier Parish Community College in 2001 to late 2014
In 2015 My wife and I moved from Louisiana to North Texas
In 2016 I started work at Main Trading Co. Paris, Texas.
I just retired again and want to spend time supporting fellow North Texas ARRL members with communication to the ARRL.
I greatly look forward to hearing your concerns and accolades on what the league can and has done, for you my fellow ARRL members as well as recruiting new ARRL members.
Many of you have probably seen one or more of the many presentations I have given on a wide range of topics at Ham Com over the past 6 years.
I pledge to be Transparent and available to your communications

Your Candidate for North Texas Section Manager

Steven Lott Smith