Wednesday, March 14, 2007

if your interested in contesting , but not for 12 hours or more.....

Try The series of Sprint Ladder Contests.............

Get set for the NCCC NS Ladder Competition. (NSL) . .

This coming Thursday evening .. NSL #1 . . 1st session of an 18 week series in which your 12 best efforts count toward awards.

Time: 0230-0300Z Friday (Thursday evening US)
Freq: Near 1815 3540 7040 14040
Exchange: Ser #, Your first Call, State/Province/country
Dupes: 1 intervening qso same band, immediately work same station on band change.
Mults: per band
Power limit: 100w.
Remember: Carefully set your start and stop time . see comments under "NS Rules" .. Time
Report scores using fom at , directly to or to n6zfo.

Rules: See

Logging: After deciding to use " Your first call" in place of name, we discovered that this change can cause both WL and TR Log to balk. Ed, W0YK, has the fixes for WL and TR Log on the NS web page at Do the best you can . . we'll consider a return to the traditional Name next week if there are complaints. Remember the first and most important rule of NS is "Have FUN", and we're dead serious about that.

Score calculation: Howie, N4AF, kindly updated NS Score Calculator to version 1.15 to accommodate this year's more liberal dupe allowance. see

The NS Ladder has a dedicated and expanding fan-base ... we'd love to have you join. A great and quick contest entertainment for Thursday night, and the family probably won't notice you've disappeared for a while.

See you on Thursday. Questions/comments to Bill n6zfo

73 and good luck,

Bill N6ZFO/6


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