Tuesday, April 24, 2007

scores compared we only need 300 more Q's ....

300 more Q's and corrct copy of the New Foundland call in the log
and we could have been First place in the REGION box !

1KG5VK165,2681,04679MLA7224 8044941899 Shreveport ARA(+KA5M, K5SL, NZ5S, KJ5SZ, KH2DF)

1KA1ARB212,6401,32980MNC7924 42046742913 Potomac Valley Radio Club(+WB1ADR)

KA1ARB was first in our Region we were 4th

Tenth place in overall Top Ten Box for our Category went to............

1NK7U212,0001,32580MOR7517 223298478326 Snake River Contest Club(+KL2A)
this seems wrong because KA1ARB has a score of 212,640 versus NK7U 212,000
that additional 300 Q's would have put us in the mix for the Top Ten overall if we did the correct call on the missed multiplier

We still did very good, another 300 Q's and we will move way up in the standings.


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