Monday, December 26, 2011

Ham Radio and Friends

It's synonymous for me, Ham Radio and My friends are so en-twined
and here is a link to one of the famous Ham friends that was in my circle of friends during high school.

Back then it was WN0FOI or friendly old Indian, WA0DYV Bill Orgroski, Gary Novak . Bill Ames WA0WBJ, who we were all jealous of because he had Drake Twins and a Quad and Jay Portnoy

There is also Al Rosenthal (Al and I got our License together, he was wn0foj) and a few others that I have lost touch with many years ago.

Yes, indeed Ward Silver N0AX and I ran in the same circles, yes that is a bit scary if you know Ward well :)
If you don't then you are missing out on a person that is a whole lot of fun to be around !

Of course my circle has grown since those days with many new friends
like Tom KR5D, Bob K8KI and Les Diefenbach which we met during our Air Force career

Today there are many others and I consider it a privilege and honor to know each and everyone
as that is the greatest gift of all friendship.

Randy,Marsh,Floyd,Ray,Mike,Tim,Marcel,Scott,Bobby,Mark,Glenn,Hugo,Matt, Joe, John and Ted

There are a few other Hams that I need to work on rekindling our friendship
as life has just drawn us apart, such as my old buddy Brian Lewis
which a bike ride brought us to come to know that we are both amateur radio ops.

Many of you I talk to almost daily either on the radio or the phone or by email
I look forward to spending more time in 2012 with each of you, either contesting alongside you or just chatting on the radio

73 and Happy New Year everyone !


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Hank said...

"Bill Ames WA0WBJ, who we were all jealous of because he had Drake Twins and a Quad and Jay Portnoy"

Hmmm...might want to work on that sentence a bit, Mr Funny Old Indian! :-)

I remember rushing home from school and in order to get on the air and contact the members of the gang to see what they were up to! 73, Ward N0AX