Sunday, December 29, 2019

Tower Safety

Watch this Video

Amateur Radio Tower Safety Presentation for the Billerica ARS

It could save you life or the life of your favorite tower climber
It is chock full of solid information and is based on facts.
Click here for the Video

Now how many of us want to change the tide of the numbers lost to tower accidents?



Steve said...

A short List of what a Safe Climber is armed with.......

1. A OSHA approved climbing Harness, with Fall Arrest
2. Boots, with heavy stiff soles
3. Helmet, with chin strap
4. Mind set in Safety ie. Never free climb
5. Knowledge of the structure he or she is about to climb (Is it properly installed)
6. Ground crew with like Safety Discipline (proper attitude)


Steve said...

here is a link to all three Tower Safety Videos