Monday, August 18, 2008

I might try and play in this one......

I might try and play (for a limited time) in this one..........


Coming up next on the contest calendar is the Ohio QSO Party, this coming
Saturday, August 23, from 1600z to 0400z August 24 (noon to midnight EDT). OQP
is sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club.

With there being five weekends in August this year, we are blessed with a
weekend largely to ourselves, sharing only with the Hawaii QSO Party. Not RTTY
contests, no European contests, no VHF contests. Those come the following

For you skimmer fans out there, here is your opportunity to test things
under real contest conditions. OQP already allows packet for single ops, so
adding a skimmer into the mix is no problem. 20 KHz of bandwidth will cover 99%
of the CW activity, so there will be less of a processing requirement. See
how well you (or your skimmer) can find those usually weak mobiles stations as
they move from county to county.

A note for the left coasters: we now award a plaque to the top station in
the Mountain or Pacific time zones. So being out of range for the daytime 40
meter activity will not leave you out in the cold for one of our beautiful

Visitors to Ohio are welcome! If you are anywhere close by, drive on over
and do a mobile or rover effort.

Full info is available at

See you Saturday!

73 - Jim K8MR
OQP Chairman

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