Thursday, December 18, 2008

a very kewel Holiday wish by VE2SB that I wish to pass on

Daniel VE2SB

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In the life of a ham radio operator, there is the joy of finding friends on the airwaves, the joy of laughter, the pleasure of exchanging thoughts, ideas and good old memories (QSO's).

In the life of a ham radio operator, there is also the joy of communicating secrets about our antennas, our pleasures and strategies in a contest, exchanging the dreams of owning a giant tower, a Big Gun antenna and the future projects of our shacks.

But the greatest joy in the life of a ham radio operator is the magic of making the prettiest smile appear on the faces of the people that we cherish.

Make the most of these festive times with your friends and families.

Be sure to remember that it is greatly appreciated to have a QSO with you rather than. hearing a silent key for you. Be safe when traveling from family to friends.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2009.
God bless you and your family all the next year.

I hope to meet you many time in contest in 2009.


Daniel VE2SB

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