Thursday, December 11, 2008

WriteLog Friend File

Here is a nifty little app that allows WL users to
have notes POP-up when a Callsign of a friend shows up in the logging window

Instructions are here

Thanks to N4GG for bringing mention of this neat little application back to life
It was originally hoisted on OE8CIQ's web server but those links are now dead
So right click on the links here and download to a saved place on your hard drive

I offer no tech support on this application, comments and fed back are welcome here and should also be addressed on the WriteLog Reflector !

more info.......................

a friend file looks like this................
(edit it with a text editor like Notepad not a word processor and save it with the ini extension)


save it as Friend.ini in the directory where programs, writelog, programs exists
when you launch friend application (after you launch WL)
right click on the blue area of that WLFriend program window and tell it where that friend file is

yes it is a simple and neat app......

I remember a lot of discussion (about three years ago) about huge friend files for cw and voice macros that most decided use of macros just slowed our rates down too much so after further thought I think this simple pop up window makes more since

Of course we could use the traditional Friend file as the big file and a MyFriend.ini file as the true my "select' friends if we instruct wl and the wlfriend programs to look for the data in the right places !


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