Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My ARRL NTX Section Manager Campaign stop at The Garland Amateur Radio Club

Last night myself (KG5VK) and Ken KD2KW were at the Garland ARC meeting
we were invited by the GARC Club to introduce ourselves as the current Candidates for your Section Manager (ARRL NTX) and take questions from the members.

We received many great questions !

One question I had for the members was...
When was the last time a North Texas ARRL member was awarded Ham of The Year ?
Unfortunately,  no one could recall
To me that means it has been way to long ago and I expressed that
Maybe it is because none of the recent SM's have asked the members to nominate someone ???
I found nothing on this in the current NTX section searches I did,
why, could be many reasons.

I do plan on if elected to seek Nominations for a section Ham of the year from our section
and award one accordingly each year I am in office, if elected.

I also encourage members of North Texas to submit a nomination to our Division
This is easily done by following the instructions found at the following link...
We have Many deserving Hams in our section that have been over looked for far too long !

I have another question for those reading this..........
Can you name Ten great things that have happened in our Section in the last year and a half ?
Now how many of those things were generated at the Section manager level ????
Regardless of the answer, those numbers (both of those answers) needs to be much higher 
and that is but One of my goals if elected as your Section Manager

As always you can contact me with questions via email
Tele 318-470-9806


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