Thursday, January 10, 2019

My Campaign Journey for ARRL Section Manager

When I decided to run as the new Section Manager for the North Texas Section of the ARRL
I was faced with the question of how do I get the word out to the Forty Four Thousand plus fellow North Texas ARRL members

My Game plan became to do a small limited Mail out to approximately a fourth of the members,
The first week of this month One Thousand Letters were mailed
both letting members know who I am and why I am running as well as asking for their Vote.

I wish I could have mailed a letter to every member in North Texas
but my budget could not support that.

How to spread the word to an even wider audience?
I decided to give Jason KC5HWB of Ham Radio 2.0 a call
and I asked if he could help spread the word that there was actually an Election this year
for a new NTX section manager

He agreed and was all in, and in fact did an interview a few days later with Jay Urish the current SM
and this past week-end did an interview of both myself and Ken KD2KW the other Candidate

I received a lot of emails and even a few phone calls after that interview.
Every one of those contacts were positive and several had some great ideas on how to improve our section.

We have 68 counties in the North Texas ARRL Section
it is a big area and I will need lots of help, to make our section a roll model for other sections.
So keep the ideas and phone calls coming !

Telephone 318-470-9806
I can also be reached on FB & Messenger
My FB ID is Steven Lott Smith KG5VK

Here are the links to the interviews that Jason of Ham Radio 2.0 did.........

Jason's Interview with Jay Urish W5GM our current Section manager

Interview with 2019 Candidates of North Texas Section by Jason of Ham Radio 2.0

The Closing Statements from the Interview of Candidates

You will be receiving Section manager Ballots from the ARRL
soon, please educate yourself on both Candidates and Vote
for who you feel will do the most work for all ARRL members in North Texas

I hit the ground on this campaign with a sprint to get the word out
Before the first of the year I attended two Amateur Radio Club Christmas parties
one in Paris Texas (RRVARC) and one in Atlanta, Texas (LETARS)

Then it was the RRVARC club meeting (Paris, TX),  The MJARS club meeting (Atlanta, TX),
Ham Radio 2.0 Interview at the Hunt County EOC in Hurst, Texas  and The Dallas Amateur Radio Club DARC meeting  Tuesday the 8th of January.
Tonight I will be at the MARS Club meeting in Carrollton, Texas


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Steve said...

As part of the continuing campaign trail for my running for the ARRL North Texas Section manger position I was recently at the Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK) meeting

Their IT team did a recording of the current Section manager W5GM's presentation and that of your two candidates

The Interview from the Plano Amateur Radio Club
is at the link below...........