Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some of My Goals as your new ARRL North Texas Section Manager, if elected

  • Fix a few things......

    1. The Broken or Incomplete Profiles on the http://ARRLNTX.org website
    2. The Broken NTX Feeds to the Division website  http://arrlwgd.org/sections
    3. More Active Communication from SM to members with a request that they provide feedback, emphasis on the routine of a Monthly Section News Letter

      • Create some new tools to promote Active communication

        1. Monthly Pod Casts
        2. Quarterly Emails, Pod Castings and / or Face Book postings of...
        State of The Section Reports

        • Education of members to the tools at hand to solve problems and communicate with the Section Manager and his Station level appointees
          aside from the ARRLNTX.org website for example use of the NTX Email reflector http://www.arrlntx.org/
        • Insure that fellow North Texans are aware of the many programs that are in place for our Section and Division members. Such as....

          1. Scholarships
          2. Encourage nominations to the Division Awards program for Young Ham of the Year, Ham of the Year etc.
          3. Seek Nominations for ARRL NTX Section Ham of the Year
            and provide the award to one of those nominated once a year per my term in office.
          4. ARRL special club of the year award for the club that recruits the greatest number of new ARRL members within the last 12 months
            I will obviously have to work out some details on this one so it is fair to lower populated clubs as well as large member clubs.

            •  Ensure that the ARRL Section Table is Manned on both Friday & Saturday at Cowtown & HamCom, not just Saturday

              These are just a few of the things that I want to do and see done better, others will come once in office if elected to serve

              Steven Lott Smith

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