Tuesday, January 29, 2008

iCal (a Google On-Line Contest Calendar)

click here

also a note from the original creator/maintainer of this calendar........


I have had a number of enquiries recently about the whereabouts of the
iCal contest calendar I was maintaining. I say 'was', because a number
of things have conspired to prevent me from providing and updating the
calendar as I used to. Firstly. for a number of reasons, I decided not
to renew the .Mac account where the calendar lived, so the previously
posted link to it no longer works. Secondly, and more detrimentally (for
the calendar, at least!), I have a young and active family and no longer
have even the relatively small amount of time it takes to keep the
calendar up to date.

What I have done is transfer the calendar to Google Calendars where it
can be maintained by more than one person for the benefit of all. If you
have a Google account and would be willing to assist with keeping the
calendar up to date, please let me know off list and I'll set you up.

The calendar is at

and an iCal version is at

I really hope that we can keep this thing going as a group - I know a
lot of people find it useful.

73 de Anthony VA7IRL