Monday, February 17, 2020

Section Management travels & Other ramblings

I will be traveling to the Wichita ARC meeting (February 20th) and the
West Fork ARC meeting in Bridgeport the following Saturday (February

February 29th Hella Hams Sidewalk Sale at the Hella Shrine in Garland
More info on this event below....

March 7th is the Irving Ham Fest
this is one of the best Flea Market style events in North Texas

March 13/14th is the Belton Ham Fest (Temple,Texas)
always a big turn out and lots of used gear for sale.

ARRL Awards:

We should have many of our fellow North Texas ARRL members getting
nominated for awards that are provided by the League each and every
year, details may be found on the ARRL website with a simple search
string "Nominations Solicited for 6 ARRL Awards." It would be great if
club's in our section would each form a nomination committee to get
select amateurs from their club or community nominated for these awards.
I know folks this kind of stuff takes time, but if we don't nominate
someone, none of us will get recognition that we all deserve. Pay it
forward, one day you may get an award. As of today, I have forwarded two
nominations for awards to our Division Director.
Mentor Fest

Mentor Fest this year will be held on the third Saturday of April, April
18th. This is an all-day event that you should plan on attending. If
you’re a Mentor and you do presentations, I really would like to have
a conversation with you Now!!!  Telephone 318-470-9806  Email
KG5VK@ARRL.ORG. You may also signup at
New...  Hella Ham's Flea Market/Sidewalk Sale

Starting February 29, 2020 at the Hella Shrine in Garland. This will be
an ongoing event each month of the year that has a 5th Saturday. Just
like February 2020 has a 5th Saturday on the 29th. Shriner Clowns that
are Ham Radio Ops, hosting a sidewalk sale - what could be more fun!!!


Steve, KG5VK
ARRL NTX Section Manager