Wednesday, September 05, 2018

September is Here...

While I have been undergoing a lot of pain from a neck injury I sustained many many years ago
I am still staying very busy

Between working at MTC (Yes the Ham Radio Candy Store in Paris Texas)
and maintaining 57 acres of land

I now have my 150 feet of Rohn 55G assembled and ready for the crane to come lift it in place
just need to add some finishing touches on the 4 Element 40 Meter beam She will be mounted at 155 feet.

The Big 6 el 20 Meter OWA yagi is ready to be hoisted up and placed on the TIC Ring Rotor which will be at 130 feet.

Been a long time since I took my last tower down at the old QTH in Louisiana
and I am looking forward to once again having a commanding signal into EU and JA
during the DX contests and Expeditions

Currently I am only 4 away from DXCC Honor Roll
anxious to get there but as KR5D says enjoy the journey,  I am :)