Saturday, November 22, 2014

N1MM & Morse Runner » PA1T

N1MM & Morse Runner » PA1T

Learn how to set up an awesome training or CW contest simulator

following the steps at PA1T's website

here are the steps from his website........

English instruction.

This is an instruction how to connect N1MM and Morse Runner together
with a hotkey program made by Don K7OG. Now you can practice cw
contesting in a real contest environment.

You have to install 3 programs.

1 N1MM

2 Morserunner

3 Hotkey

N1MM logger

Go to

Go to download (full installer) en download N1MM and install it.

You then have to install the latest version of the logger.

Morse runner

Go to and download morse runner (is located at download)

Install the program.

Hotkey script

Go to download here “n1mm to Morse Runner connection exe version”

Be sure to take the exe version.

Hotkey script

Go to download here “n1mm to Morse Runner connection exe version”

You may copy this file where you want. You have to unzip it. because it is a zip file.

Run the programs

Start N1MM and go to files. Open a new database and give it a name maybe Morserunnertrainer.

Go again to files and open a new log in the data base and choose cqww wpxcw. This is your only choice otherwise it will not run.

Start het Hotkey program.

Start Morse Runner and start it with Run

Type  CW in the entry window of N1MM because N1MM has to know it is cw.

Push now F1 in n1mm (only on the keyboard and N1MM logger gives CQ  and  Morse Runner will answer..

Good luck.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

N1MM+ Beta Testing A Note from The N1MM+ development Team

Since we began the public beta test of N1MM Logger+, over 1000 people
have downloaded the Full Installer, but only about 300 of those are
keeping up with the daily updates, and only about 370 have joined the
N1MMLoggerPlus e-mail group on Yahoo.

Two requests:

If you want to help us test N1MM+, please join the Yahoo group.  It's
the only public channel for discussion of the new program, and if you want
to help us test you have to be there.

Please stay current.  We are updating pretty much every day. As you can
imagine, something that was reported yesterday may well have been fixed
in today's update.  If you report something that has already been fixed,
it's a big waste of time for everyone involved.

Thanks and 73,

The N1MM Development Team

Monday, August 18, 2014

N1MM Logger Website | N1MM Plus Open Beta

N1MM Logger Website | N1MM Plus Open Beta

Please keep in mind downlaods will be "Throttled"

so Tom's server will not die :)

Reminder this is still a BETA version !!!!!

Please, please, please read the FAQ file

before posting any questions on the N1MM email reflector

However when you post a questions many of the team members are monitoring and will strive to answer questions fast and accurately, but once again you can help by reading the FAQ files as your answer may already be there

Last full N1MM (before +) were downloaded over 14 thousand times

so this is going to wild answering every single question if no one reads the FAQ files first.

Below is a Note from Tom....

• When you begin testing, please wait one full day before asking your first question on the reflector. Take the time to look at the manual on the website, and at the N1MM Logger Plus Yahoo group archive. You’ll also find that the N1MM Plus website's Search function has been much improved – please give it a try.




What a dif a year makes....NAQSOP 2013 versus 2014 at KG5VK

Of course not near as much time in the chair but not sure it would have made the dif as it looks like from these graphs I lost a lot of q's with 10 and 15 not being "useable" this year......

Twice ops asked to move me to 15m
we had no joy (could not hear each other)
I tried CQ on 10m several times and looked at the bands (10&15)
with a band scope numerous times
Did I miss a short opening or was it this way for everyone ?

Monday, March 31, 2014

WRTC2014 Receives Colvin Award Grant

WRTC2014 PRESS RELEASE #24 Windham, NH March 31, 2014 WRTC2014 Receives Colvin Award Grant This is very well deserved, many amateurs around the world have worked long and hard for WRTC 2014 to come together and shine, esp the amateurs on the east coast Congrats ! steve KG5VK