Thursday, January 21, 2021

This morning January 21, 2021
I officially became a proud member of the DXCC Honor Roll

I started this journey back in 1981, when my DXCC mentor
Tom Blackley KR5D told me "Steve,  Just submit your cards, you have plenty for Mixed and Phone DXCC certificates" Of course since I started my Ham Radio journey in 1972 he was very correct.

About a week ago I worked my 331st Current DXCC Entity
Leaving me in need of nine more countries to have all 340 confirmed  

I thank Tom KR5D for getting me started on this journey
and Marshall KA5M for the continued encouragement to stay in pursuit of our goal.

The Nine I still need are: 

North Korea
Bouvet Island
Crozet Island
Johnston Island
Kerguelen Island
Pratas Island
San Felix Islands

My Journey to get all current entities continues
And I also start focusing on Top Band (160m) DXCC
If I live long enough, after that maybe Moon Bounce.