Saturday, June 16, 2007

ARRL Field Day June 23/24 2007

The Shreveport Amateur Radio Association is again hosting ARRL Field Day
at the Pavilion near the Arthur Te ague Parkway Boat Launch Ramp

All are welcome, Hams and non Ham Radio OPS alike
A special station will be provided with a Licensed radio "coach" for those wishing to talk on the air

We are also operating 3A with one of those stations set up for those ops that prefer a slower QSO rate, in other casual operation versus "contest style"

We welcome amateurs from other clubs and even non club members
to join us

Hamburgers and Hot dogs will be cooked Saturday and everyone is welcome while the supplies last, donations are welcome but not required for the food and drinks consumed.

Bottom line is we will have fun and we want as many people from the public as well as fellow Ham radio ops to come join us !

Those that enjoy working at a faster pace are encouraged to step up to the plate in either the Phone or CW Trailer and work em fast and furiously as they can

The scenery on the Red River is always pleasant on the eyes
the camaraderie is bar none !

Those that wish to assist in set-up
we begin that task around 3 pm Friday June 22


Steven L. Smith

Monday, June 11, 2007

July Radio Sport IARU Contest

In the July QST you will soon receive, dates for the IARU HF Championship
dates are erroneously listed as July 7-8. The correct dates are July 14-15
as shown in the April QST contest announcement. The Web version of Contest
Corral also has the correct dates. Wednesday's issue of the Contester's Rate
Sheet ( will carry a bulletin
alerting readers to the error.

Please relay this information to your club newsletter editor or Webmeister.

Sorry for the eror - this slipped past the sleepy-eyed Contest Corral
editor, namely me.

73, Ward N0AX

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SDXA Members Meet BS7H DXpeditioners

This picture was taken Saturday morning, 9 June 2007, at Ham-Com in Plano, TX right after the BS7H forum. Standing in the back row, left to right, are San K5YY, Tom N4XP, Paul K4UJ, and Mike K9AJ. Kneeling in the front row, left to right, are Steve KG5VK, Randy K5SL, and Marsh KA5M, all SDXA members and all very grateful to have worked BS7H.

Marsh, KA5M

HamCom and The BS7H Presentation....

Wow !

As I race back from Atlanta
I get an email that points out a conflict of dates in my Calendar with my
Planned trip to Huntsville for the Big Hamfest

So while attempting to determine if I can make it
I decide to do HamCom if a buddy or two can join me for the ride there

I'm in Missippi and still on the road, exhausted
I call Ray AD5ZT and he say he would love to go to HamCom (Ray has never been to any Ham Fest)
I then Call Marsh KA5M and Randy K5SL) and find out they are both already there
Marsh informs me of the BS7H presentation scheduled for 10 AM Saturday at Ham Com
I tell him I'll be there !!!!

It was 4 and a half hours of rest out of the car and then Off to Plano Texas for HamCom

The trip was worth it !!!!

Ray bought a new radio for his Jeep
I bought a few small things
and had an over whelming time meeting some of the BS7H memebers

Marsh, Randy and myself (The three of us from our area that worked the BS7H crew)
had our photo done with the BS7H team members that were at HamCom
we will have the photo posted here later

On top of that I got to meet Gary WF5I,
talk about a really neat guy - Tice he has been number one on the DXCC Honor Roll - Wow !

That was one short inexpensive Hamfest but way Fun !