Monday, June 24, 2013


We had another successful ARRL FD for SARA at my home
this past week-end, by almost everyone's account that came it was fun and the right blend of contesting and fellowship.

However I am disheartened by the feedback of more than one member of our organization, that they did not come or did not operate because they were intimidated or did not want to let anyone down because they are not a contest op.

This frustrates me.....

Because anyone that takes more than a few moments to get to know me
and does not assume they know me as just a contest op
knows that I will go out of my way to mentor OPS, especially during ARRL FD

To me FD is the right time to pull up a chair and learn
I have coached more than a few and many many years ago I had the most rewarding experience of any ARRL FD

when I assisted a blind OP to work hundreds of stations during several hours on the air together, that was not here in Shreveport, but was while I was in West Texas

Last year Marcel and one of the others tutored another young op
I do not recall the specifics
However I do know that it was rewarding exp for everyone involved

I think that word (a verb) Involved is the key
if you want to be a part of something it takes YOU to be involved

If you did not operate it is YOUR fault for not taking some initiative
if you would rather SARA has FD in the park in the HOT weather and you will feel more comfy working a few stations then voice your opinion
at the next vote for where should SARA have Field day

MY wife and I open our home so we can all be safe indoors in the Air conditioning

Several years ago we almost lost one ham to heat stroke and we have had other close calls due to the heat

If you want to be intimated during a contest show up for ARRL SS when we will take no prisoners and are concerned about score above all else
However if you are a contest op at all
you would have a blast and be crowned a die hard contester
There is a time for mentoring, it is not when a group of OPS plan to WIN

Again I will say this as plan as I can.........
To me ARRL FD is not a we must win week-end
it is for fun, camaraderie, and learning the ropes of contesting (mentoring and learning together alongside seasoned OPS)
Some (many) show up just for Food and fellowship and that is great
Some want to learn, I applaud Any for taking the chair
it is that first step that is often the most challenging

I hear there are others that do not want to speak up
that did not even make the effort to take the chair
We can not help those learn,  that do not step forward !!!!!!!!!!!
My closest friends will tell me to just ignore those that do not want to step up, I hate ignoring anyone
and that is my frustration.
Esp when I hear After FD is over "well I would have but I did not want to let the team down by lowering the score"

Q count is a by product of having fun, on ARRL FD...

Q count during a major contest like ARRL Sweepstakes is a major deal
and if you can't hang with the big boys you can practice and begin to do so during FD and other contest

Want to learn, want to play ASK me !
But you have to ask, I can NOT read your mind.



Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reverse Beacon: ViewProp - Innovative Partner with the RBN

Reverse Beacon: ViewProp - Innovative Partner with the RBN: For those who may have missed it, ZL2HAM's ViewProp is now available free in a public beta test. Before you yawn and dismiss ViewProp a...

This is such a neat and practical application, just have to love today's technology !!!


Friday, March 22, 2013