Sunday, October 04, 2020

I am Seeking a Second Term as your ARRL North Texas Section Manager Steve KG5VK

From the Desk of your ARRL North Texas Section Manager
Steven Lott Smith
Steve KG5VK

Greetings fellow ARRL North Texas Amateur Radio OPS
I am seeking a second term as your ARRL North Texas Section Manager

I have proudly served 17 Months as of this writing
I am asking for your continued confidence in me
by way of nominations for SM for the period of 2021/2022

I took office on April the 1st, 2019

During my Campaign to be your Section Manager
I pledged I would be a visible Section Manager,
I hope you feel I have done that and much more.
I am now seeking a second term.

Before taking office, I gladly took many phone calls, and emails with questions and comments, I continue to talk with fellow ARRL members on a weekly sometimes daily basis.
While I have not solved everyone's concerns. I have always listened and followed up with answers to questions that I may not have had at the time of initial contact.
I have been publishing a Monthly Newsletter since my appointment as your Section Manager, this is a small part of the process of staying in touch with the members I serve.

Some highlights of specific accomplishments:

  • Appointed a Section Youth Coordinator, which is one of Youth.
    Katherine Forson KT5KMF should, by now be well known to any ARRL NTX member.
    She was highlighted in QST the same year she was appointed with a full page article
    and continues to serve us proudly by sharing what Ham Radio is with both young and old.
  • Asked and Received Nominees for an ARRL North Texas Ham Radio Operator of the Year 2019/2020.  Appointed an award committee from the Section Management team to vote on the nominees.  I presented the Award to Jim Erickson KB0DBJ president of MJARS at their September 2019 club meeting. (I will soon be forming another Team to vote on ARRL NTX Ham of the Year 2020/2021 Nominees)

  • Within the First Seven months of taking office as your Section Manager
    I attended Nine Ham Fests, Seventeen Different Club Meetings, Two JOTA events and a visit to the EOC at the Plano Balloon fest. I also appeared at Eleven different ARRL FD sites.

  • I have attended the Belton Ham fest 3 times since taking Office, this is significant because the ARRL members from that area had for several years been in pursuit of being realigned by the ARRL with South Texas, until I showed them the support they deserve.

  • Began Monthly ARRL NTX Section Management Team Staff meetings, held virtually with Teleconferencing tools.
  • As of October 2020 we now have Quarterly Zoom conferences with ARRL NTX Affiliated Club officers and the ARRL NTX Section Staff members.  These meetings came from a suggestion received by one of the club officers during a recent round table conference with myself and John Robert Stratton N5AUS our ARRL West Gulf Division Director.

  • I continue to attend club meetings on a Virtual basis with those clubs that are having Virtual Meetings during this time of COVID19 Social Distancing

  • Built a strong working relationship with Section Managers and their Staff near and far from our Section, doing so betters our readiness to respond to neighboring Sections that need our assistance with ECOM and allows them willingness to assist us in times of need.  I feel we can always learn from others and therefore maintain contact with all the fellow Section Managers within the ARRL West Gulf, and Delta Divisions, as well as several Section Managers beyond those borders.

  • I have assembled an outstanding team of assistants, from Greg Evans K5GTX our Section Emergency Coordinator, to all the other Assistants on the Section Management team. Our team works as a cohesive unit for the betterment of our fellow ARRL members which we serve.
    Our complete Team may be viewed at

    In summary, I would appreciate your Nomination for another term as your Section Manager. This will allow myself and the ARRL North Texas Section Management team to continue the progress which will benefit all North Texas Amateur Radio OPS.

    News Flash !!!
    Thanks to Greg Evans K5GTX and Aaron Hulett K8AMH for many hours of work and planning,  our team has just unveiled our new ARRL North Texas website

    The ARRL has announced that prospective Nominees may solicit Nominations with electronic signatures during this continued time of COVID19 Social Distancing.
    I can email anyone that request it, one of these Electronic Nomination forms,
    just drop me an email with the request KG5VK@ARRL.NET

    Thank you for your time and your service as an ARRL member!

    Steve KG5VK
    Please call or Email me any time

Thursday, September 03, 2020

ARRL NTX Section September 2020 Newsletter

 Greetings fellow North Texans!

Since the ARRL North Texas Website Update
Now contains all of my newsletters, including the current one

I no longer duplicate those posts here.

So Please visit

*** Many of you are already aware that the ARRL Now has a new CEO

You may not know that he is a very active On The air amateur Radio operator
He is a Life Time member of CWOPS group and a fellow DXER and Contest OP
He received over 2/3rds of the Votes by the Board of Directors, which to me shows
the over whelming majority of our Board Members at ARRL have confidence in him
He is David Minster NA2AA

*** The Board also seated a member to a brand new position at Headquarters....

The ARRL ECOM Director is Paul Gilbert KE5ZW

We can all be proud that Paul Gilbert KE5ZW is a fellow Texan
Paul is the current South Texas Section Manager, he has a wealth of background in Federal, State and Section Level ECOM and will be a valued asset to all of us. A new Section Manager will be elected for South Texas, watch ARRL News for more info.

*** The Second West Gulf Director Round Table meeting with ARRL NTX Club Officers and myself was held on the 29th of this past month (August). Due to COVID19 this round table was held virtually
by way of Zoom conferencing. We had over 24 club officers represented and I feel it was a very progressive meeting. Your Club officers gave Director John Stratton and myself more than a few issues we could work on.
Per the request I have formed an On-Line discussion area where club officers can have a working dialogue with myself and the rest of the North Texas Section Management Staff on any topics that their members wish addressed.
A couple of your officers mentioned what happen to the ARRL Club Coordinator position that the Board of Directors were working on. This position was not seated before we found the need to find a new CEO.  Now that Mr. Minster NA2AA has been appointed as the CEO and once he has found his way around the inner working of Headquarters, we hope to see some momentum on this new position.
The Club Coordinator at Headquarters will allow greater attention towards affiliated club needs.

*** Once again I make my plea for Safer Tower Climbing to everyone.

If you think Free climbing, or climbing with a Climbing Belt is Safe
You are only kidding yourself.
Every Ham Radio Club should take time out to present a video or two on Safe Tower Climbing
Every amateur radio OP owes it to their family and loved ones and them self to learn the right way to climb and work on towers. By the way Climbing Belts have not been OSHA approved for many years.
The right Gear begins with Boots and a Climbing Harness that has two Fall arrest lanyards and a positioning lanyard as well as the knowledge of when it is safe and unsafe to climb.

The recent fatality was from only a 50 foot tower!

Here is a link to an Excellent Video
If you are unable to view the Video,  please email me for another link.
I implore Clubs to help promote Tower Safety, maybe even an OSHA approved climbing kit for member use, everything but the Boots.

*** ARES and ECOM

Please never self  Deploy, you will only burden resources that are not prepared for your arrival.
Greg Evans K5GTX and I work closely with all neighboring Section Leaders and we would love for everyone to take heed of the following message he and I have created on this subject.....

"If you are considering volunteering as an ECOM resource during any emergency
Please make sure you first notify Section Management (SM & SEC) within your Section before
expressing your willingness and readiness to any served agencies and/or other Sections.
We appreciate willingness, however we need to do our part as a Team.
Please, allow us to do so by communicating with us first.
Steven Lott Smith KG5VK
ARRL NTX Section Manager
Greg Evans K5GTX
ARRL NTX Section Emergency Coordinator"
One should also consult their respective County ARES EC and if your an EC up channel to the District (DEC)

*** ARRL North Texas Ham of The Year 2020/2021

As of Today (September 3,2020)  I have received only one Nomination !!!
I am again accepting nomination packages for the ARRL North Texas
Amateur of the Year award
Please title the email with the Nomination "ARRLNTX 2020 HOY"
The Nominee must be an ARRL member and Reside in North Texas
Deadline for nominations is 1 October 2020
Nomination packages emailed to myself should include the full name and call sign of the Nominee
and Bullet statements of accomplishments with short paragraphs or a few sentences of justification under each bullet statement.  Again the Deadline for nominations is the First of October.

Please remember I am available to attend any Virtual Club Meetings while we all continue to Social Distance, my last announcement of this last month netted only Two invites to attend meetings.
Most important I still come bearing a Door Prize or two, dependent on how many attendees are in the meeting. I can bring a presentation that last about 15 minutes or just be on had for questions your group may have. Of course you can always drop me a line any time, email is preferred but I am welcome to phone calls as long as you are willing to leave a message if I do not answer with the topic.

No sign of Fall weather, yet.  So please stay safe in this heat.
Hydrate, Hydrate, and take cool breaks away from the heat.


Steve KG5VK
Tele 318-470-9806

Monday, August 03, 2020

August 2020 ARRL NTX Section Manager Newsletter

ARRL NTX Section Manager August Newsletter August 3,2020

Many Amateurs are wondering if the Newly proposed Band plan with additional Technician privileges
is actually in effect now,  The Proposed Band Plan allowing more privileges for Technicians is just that
a proposal by the ARRL to the FCC.

Let me state it this way..............
Nothing has changed on where and how you can operate if you are a Technician class Licensee

And I will add............

The next step will be the drafting and filing a request to the FCC to initiate a rulemaking proceeding to adopt the proposed band plan.

    This ARRL proposed band plan is a result of the requests of both the Rappaport/White/Kolarik supporters and the "Winlink" folks. It is a compromise based on those "members" compromise discussions. 
Any FCC action within the next year is not likely and approval, in my opinion, is doubtful.


If you have not yet heard of the ARRL Learning Network's new speaker forum/seminars

These are 30 minutes presentation with 15 minutes allotted for Question and Answer session following the presentation
These presentations are online using GoToWebinar
Which is safe Industry standard software

Recently the New Forums kicked off with our Very own Section Traffic Manager Aaron Hulett, K8AMH
presented "Relay Stations and the Art of Traffic Handling"
Aaron's presentation was on July 28, 2020
His presentation has received rave reviews from the many folks that watched his presentation
Presentations are archived here.........

The next Five presentations are...........

HF Wire Antennas
George Cooley, NG7A, ARRL Life Member
Thursday, August 6, 2020, 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM EDT (1930 UTC)

Introduction to Digital FM Modes
Korey Chandler Sr., WA5RR
Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT (0000 UTC on Wednesday, August 12)

Introduction to Computer Logging
Steven Lott Smith KG5VK
Thursday, August 13, 2020, 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM EDT (1930 UTC)

Capture the Magic of 6 Meters
Jim Wilson, K5ND
Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT (1700 UTC)

The Sport of Finding Hidden Transmitters On Foot
Robert Frey, WA6EZV, ARRL Amateur Radio Direction Finding Committee
Thursday, August 20, 2020, 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM EDT (1930 UTC)


If you are a Club Officer in an ARRL affiliated Club within North Texas
and you have not heard about the upcoming round table discussion with our Division Director and myself your ARRL NTX Section Manager, 
which had been scheduled for the 1st of this month has been rescheduled.
Then you either not getting my Newsletters via the ARRL server
Not subscribed to ARRLNTX on
Or just missed it when you read the newsletter...
The "Virtual" Round table session has been rescheduled to the 29th of this month.
To RSVP if you have NOT already done so, send an email with the title
"RSVP for ARRL NTX Round Table" to  KG5VK@ARRL.ORG
The meeting is for Two Officers from each club
(Typically the President plus one Board member)


ARRL NTX Mentor Fest at this time is still scheduled for October 17, 2020
Our main push is offering License Testing
If you desire to take an exam please RSVP to Bill Caldwell

We would love to have some presenters confirm that they are willing to present on this new date
please use the online registration form.....
Or just browse over to


Reminder myself and the whole ARRL North Texas Section Management Team
are available to do presentations at your Virtual Club meetings during this COVID19
limited socialization period.
If you would like us to attend just drop us an email invite
Our Section Emergency Coordinator Greg Evans K5GTX, Aaron Hulett K8AMH, myself and many of the other team members are prepared to talk with your group on many different topics.
If you have not heard Katherine Forson KT5KMF speak, virtually in a web conference or in person you are really missing out - she is our Section Youth Coordinator for a good reason
More on Katherine may be seen here............


ARRL NTX Ham of The Year
I am again accepting nomination packages for the ARRL North Texas Amateur of the Year award
Please title the email with the Nomination "ARRLNTX 2020 HOY"
The Nominee must be an ARRL member and Reside in North Texas
Deadline for nominations is 1 October 2020

ARES Message for DEC and EC's
Our Section Emergency Coordinator Greg Evans K5GTX
has scheduled an online conference call via Zoom for August 11
This conference will start at 7:30 pm and will last no more than 90 minutes
All EC's and DEC's must attend this conference
If you will not attend contact Greg Evans now!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

FTdx5000 with Station Monitor For Sale

FS: Yaesu FTdx-5000MP with Yaesu SM-5000 Station Monitor
Serial number 1F280021
New OLEDS and Finals installed and serviced at Yaesu California in 2014
Other than some light Dust on knobs etc
this is a very clean radio and station monitor
Comes with all original packaging, double yaesu boxing
Power cords and cables, hand mic
Includes a well read User manual
Does NOT include the FH-2 Remote Control Keypad


Monday, May 04, 2020

ARRL NTX May 2020 Newsletter

Greetings fellow North Texas Amateur Radio Operators

Mentor Fest 2020  New Date October 17, 2020

ARRLNTX Mentor Fest has now been rescheduled
details will be posted at the website soon
we are very hopeful that by October we are able to have gatherings
and proceed with Mentor Fest, but remain flexible for any change.
We appreciate any and all Speaker commitments and should have the schedule block opened back up this week.
Mentor Fest is only a success with Presenters on various Topics
I will Not hold anyone's feet to the fire if they commit and back out later,
if you have a topic that you may like to present you are welcome to call me with any concerns  Telephone 318-470-9806 or better yet drop me an email KG5VK@ARRL.ORG

I continue to be available to speak with your clubs via Video Conferencing

This past month I visited with two different clubs, with Video Conferencing tools
and can do the same for your ARRL affiliated club.
Just like face to Face meetings, I still arrive providing door prizes.
To schedule me at your next virtual club meeting,
just ask one of your club officers to contact me.

Spring 2020 American Red Cross
National Communications Exercise May 30, 2020

Watch for more information on this Nation Wide Exercise
and on the ARRLNTX ARES Group of

ARRL Field Day Plans

I would like to hear about your club's ARRL FD plans
what is your team planning ?
Are you promoting members work FD from their home, their back yard ?
Or something entirely different ?
Are any clubs planning Remote use of one station with rotating virtual seats "in front" of the radio ?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Section Management travels & Other ramblings

I will be traveling to the Wichita ARC meeting (February 20th) and the
West Fork ARC meeting in Bridgeport the following Saturday (February

February 29th Hella Hams Sidewalk Sale at the Hella Shrine in Garland
More info on this event below....

March 7th is the Irving Ham Fest
this is one of the best Flea Market style events in North Texas

March 13/14th is the Belton Ham Fest (Temple,Texas)
always a big turn out and lots of used gear for sale.

ARRL Awards:

We should have many of our fellow North Texas ARRL members getting
nominated for awards that are provided by the League each and every
year, details may be found on the ARRL website with a simple search
string "Nominations Solicited for 6 ARRL Awards." It would be great if
club's in our section would each form a nomination committee to get
select amateurs from their club or community nominated for these awards.
I know folks this kind of stuff takes time, but if we don't nominate
someone, none of us will get recognition that we all deserve. Pay it
forward, one day you may get an award. As of today, I have forwarded two
nominations for awards to our Division Director.
Mentor Fest

Mentor Fest this year will be held on the third Saturday of April, April
18th. This is an all-day event that you should plan on attending. If
you’re a Mentor and you do presentations, I really would like to have
a conversation with you Now!!!  Telephone 318-470-9806  Email
KG5VK@ARRL.ORG. You may also signup at
New...  Hella Ham's Flea Market/Sidewalk Sale

Starting February 29, 2020 at the Hella Shrine in Garland. This will be
an ongoing event each month of the year that has a 5th Saturday. Just
like February 2020 has a 5th Saturday on the 29th. Shriner Clowns that
are Ham Radio Ops, hosting a sidewalk sale - what could be more fun!!!


Steve, KG5VK
ARRL NTX Section Manager

Friday, January 03, 2020

Our use of Spectrum is again under attack

FCC Formally Adopts Proposals to Remove Amateur 3-GHz Band, Invites Comments

At its December 12 meeting, the FCC formally adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in WT Docket 19-348 and invited comments on its plan to remove “existing non-federal secondary radiolocation and amateur allocations” in the 3.3 – 3.55 GHz band and relocate incumbent non-federal operations. The FCC said it’s seeking comment on appropriate “transition mechanisms” to make that happen. ARRL has indicated that it will file comments in opposition to the proposal. The amateur 9-centimeter allocation is 3.3 – 3.5 GHz

Our use of the Spectrum is again under attack

If we sit by and don’t speak up in defense and or support the ARRL through donations to the Spectrum Defense Fund, we will again loose frequencies that we are using.
While I know many of you do not personally use the 3.5 GHz band
Many of the clubs and organizations in larger Metropolis areas do use this band,
They use it to help protect you and I during Severe Weather by the way of  Mesh Networks known as AREDN,  you may live in an area where 3.5 GHz is in use by fellow amateurs to help protect you, your loved ones and your property and not even know it.

The Bottom line is they are after more of our Spectrum
without Spectrum to operate we will all be off the air

There are several ways you can help prevent this……

File Comment on the notice of proposed rule making on the FCC website

If you file comment and I encourage you to do so,
be professional in your comments, no rants and definitely no cuss words
Stick to the facts as you know them.

Donate to the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund, even small amounts will help
please donate what you can reasonably afford and/or encourage your Ham Club to do the same

For more info go to the ARRL website  Regulatory & Advocacy Tab

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

January 2020 ARRL North Texas Section Newsletter

Happy New Year fellow North Texas Communicators!

Events This Month:

The ARRL North Texas Section Convention will be held at the Cow town Ham fest
Date 17-18 January 2020  Friday from 3 PM - 7 PM  and Saturday from 7 AM - 3PM
Complete Details may be found at
This is a great ham fest, with a great flea market and seminars, I look forward to seeing you all there. 

The CW OPS Group is Celebrating it's Tenth Year
with an on the air event throughout January.
More info may be found here on their website
CW OPS members pride themselves in slowing down when someone wants a QSO, so don't be shy.
Non members are welcome to join in the fun and work member stations that will be signing with CW10 before or after their call sign, There will also be members such as myself using a One x One Call signs, mine is K5N.     

Don't forget to take a glance at National news headlines from the ARRL website by clicking on the News and Features Tab Near the Top of  the page.
In fact if you have not visited the ARRL.ORG website in awhile I encourage you to do so, and browse around it, you might find something new you were over looking.

Awards from the ARRL and Certificates of Merit from your Section Manager:

Certificates of Merit from your Section Manager:
In the last two newsletters I called for your help in providing me info of those in your community that deserve recognition for what they are doing for their fellow amateur radio ops and or their community, I received one such nomination and promptly created a certificate and citation letter to accompany the certificate of merit. We have over 4,480 ARRL members in North Texas, I am sure you all can help me find more than one deserving person in two months.

Submitting someone from your local club or even a non club member
is not hard to do.  Just drop me an email with a half a dozen bullet points
on what they do that merits a certificate from their Section Manager
If,  I get over whelmed with Nominations I will pick several, each month
and get the certificates mailed.  I will give priority to nominations from Club officer/members,  that does not mean you can't nominate who you want if they are a member of the league.

I will announce last months Section Manager Certificate of Merit recipient at the Cow town ham fest.

ARRL Awards:
We should have many of our fellow North Texas ARRL members getting nominated for awards that are provided by the League each and every year, details may be found on the ARRL website with a simple search  string "Nominations Solicited for 6 ARRL Awards"
It would be great if club's in our section would each form a nomination committee
to get select amateurs from their club or community nominated for these awards.
I know folks this kind of stuff takes time,  but if we don't nominate someone,  none of us will get recognition that we all deserve. Pay it forward, one day you may get an award.

Mentor Fest
Mentor Fest this year will be held on the Third Saturday of April
April the 18th, this is an all day event that you should plan on attending.
If your a Mentor, if you do presentations I really would like to have a conversation with you

Now !!!  Telephone 318-470-9806  Email KG5VK@ARRL.ORG

New....  Hella Ham's Flea Market/Side Walk Sale

Starting February 29, 2020 at the Hella Shrine in Garland.
This will be an ongoing event each month of the year that has a 5th Saturday
Just like February 2020 has a 5th Saturday on the 29th
Shriner Clowns that are Ham Radio Ops,  hoisting a side walk sale
what could be more fun !!!

ARRL NTX Section Manager