Thursday, September 03, 2020

ARRL NTX Section September 2020 Newsletter

 Greetings fellow North Texans!

Since the ARRL North Texas Website Update
Now contains all of my newsletters, including the current one

I no longer duplicate those posts here.

So Please visit

*** Many of you are already aware that the ARRL Now has a new CEO

You may not know that he is a very active On The air amateur Radio operator
He is a Life Time member of CWOPS group and a fellow DXER and Contest OP
He received over 2/3rds of the Votes by the Board of Directors, which to me shows
the over whelming majority of our Board Members at ARRL have confidence in him
He is David Minster NA2AA

*** The Board also seated a member to a brand new position at Headquarters....

The ARRL ECOM Director is Paul Gilbert KE5ZW

We can all be proud that Paul Gilbert KE5ZW is a fellow Texan
Paul is the current South Texas Section Manager, he has a wealth of background in Federal, State and Section Level ECOM and will be a valued asset to all of us. A new Section Manager will be elected for South Texas, watch ARRL News for more info.

*** The Second West Gulf Director Round Table meeting with ARRL NTX Club Officers and myself was held on the 29th of this past month (August). Due to COVID19 this round table was held virtually
by way of Zoom conferencing. We had over 24 club officers represented and I feel it was a very progressive meeting. Your Club officers gave Director John Stratton and myself more than a few issues we could work on.
Per the request I have formed an On-Line discussion area where club officers can have a working dialogue with myself and the rest of the North Texas Section Management Staff on any topics that their members wish addressed.
A couple of your officers mentioned what happen to the ARRL Club Coordinator position that the Board of Directors were working on. This position was not seated before we found the need to find a new CEO.  Now that Mr. Minster NA2AA has been appointed as the CEO and once he has found his way around the inner working of Headquarters, we hope to see some momentum on this new position.
The Club Coordinator at Headquarters will allow greater attention towards affiliated club needs.

*** Once again I make my plea for Safer Tower Climbing to everyone.

If you think Free climbing, or climbing with a Climbing Belt is Safe
You are only kidding yourself.
Every Ham Radio Club should take time out to present a video or two on Safe Tower Climbing
Every amateur radio OP owes it to their family and loved ones and them self to learn the right way to climb and work on towers. By the way Climbing Belts have not been OSHA approved for many years.
The right Gear begins with Boots and a Climbing Harness that has two Fall arrest lanyards and a positioning lanyard as well as the knowledge of when it is safe and unsafe to climb.

The recent fatality was from only a 50 foot tower!

Here is a link to an Excellent Video
If you are unable to view the Video,  please email me for another link.
I implore Clubs to help promote Tower Safety, maybe even an OSHA approved climbing kit for member use, everything but the Boots.

*** ARES and ECOM

Please never self  Deploy, you will only burden resources that are not prepared for your arrival.
Greg Evans K5GTX and I work closely with all neighboring Section Leaders and we would love for everyone to take heed of the following message he and I have created on this subject.....

"If you are considering volunteering as an ECOM resource during any emergency
Please make sure you first notify Section Management (SM & SEC) within your Section before
expressing your willingness and readiness to any served agencies and/or other Sections.
We appreciate willingness, however we need to do our part as a Team.
Please, allow us to do so by communicating with us first.
Steven Lott Smith KG5VK
ARRL NTX Section Manager
Greg Evans K5GTX
ARRL NTX Section Emergency Coordinator"
One should also consult their respective County ARES EC and if your an EC up channel to the District (DEC)

*** ARRL North Texas Ham of The Year 2020/2021

As of Today (September 3,2020)  I have received only one Nomination !!!
I am again accepting nomination packages for the ARRL North Texas
Amateur of the Year award
Please title the email with the Nomination "ARRLNTX 2020 HOY"
The Nominee must be an ARRL member and Reside in North Texas
Deadline for nominations is 1 October 2020
Nomination packages emailed to myself should include the full name and call sign of the Nominee
and Bullet statements of accomplishments with short paragraphs or a few sentences of justification under each bullet statement.  Again the Deadline for nominations is the First of October.

Please remember I am available to attend any Virtual Club Meetings while we all continue to Social Distance, my last announcement of this last month netted only Two invites to attend meetings.
Most important I still come bearing a Door Prize or two, dependent on how many attendees are in the meeting. I can bring a presentation that last about 15 minutes or just be on had for questions your group may have. Of course you can always drop me a line any time, email is preferred but I am welcome to phone calls as long as you are willing to leave a message if I do not answer with the topic.

No sign of Fall weather, yet.  So please stay safe in this heat.
Hydrate, Hydrate, and take cool breaks away from the heat.


Steve KG5VK
Tele 318-470-9806