Sunday, November 14, 2010

less than a week from now, ARRL Sweepstakes Phone !!!

Most of the antenna farm repairs that can be done are now done
I replaced one long cable run, that Dick WA6MDI helped me identify as having failed
Removed one bad ICE Lighting arrestor from the cable run to the KT-34xa
Attempted to get the rotor position indicator pot working for the Telrex Pair - with no luck, so beam position for that array will be by way of closed ciruit TV monitor

Rates last year we very good for just a few periods of time

which band at what time.............
we need to watch our rates and move if they fall too low
where to set the mark of too low is the question !!!

Last year we had a good run and if I had not gotten bogged down with the amp issue we may have beat AE5T

Total Q's last year (2009) was 1436

142 on 80m
501 on 40m
792 on 20m
1 on 15m
0 on 10m

In 2008 we had 1033 Total Q's
BUT I over slept and we were only on the air for 23 not 24 hours !!!

289 on 80m
323 on 40m
378 on 20m
43 on 15m
0 on 10m

2007 we had a total of 1034 Q's

390 on 80m
76 on 40m Wow low number for 40m
542 on 20m
26 on 15m
0 on 10m

2006 we had a total of 1046 Q's We won Delta Division here

80 on 80m
449 on 40m
418 on 20m
99 on 15m
0 on 10m

I think we need to break into 1800 Q's this year
that is going to be tough !!!

That would be an Q rate of 75 for every hour on the air
1600 Q's if more realistic goal but every year since 2006 everyone is placing Higher Q totals and with the increased activity in SS I am sure this will continue !



Wednesday, November 03, 2010

ARRL SS Sweepstakes at KG5VK

I am building the list of OPS that will join us for ARRL Sweepstakes Phone contest on November 20th
The Contest starts at 3pm local Saturday November the 20th, 2010

here is the list of ops scheduled to be here so far.......

and of course myself

don't see your call listed but want to play
send me an email !!!!!!!!