Saturday, August 30, 2008

use of a second rcvr with a buffer amp between it and the RCVR Input of the FT-1000MP

Click here for more info

From SoftRocks to other SDR receivers
several ops are using these to enrich operation of the FT-1000MP
thru creation of a Band Scope


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marsh KA5M sent me these great links of the FT-1000MP

click here to see a set of movies located on U Tube that maximizes your performance from the FT-1000MP

There are a total of three of these movies !

Marsh thanks for the tip !

Mean while I found this little tip site click here


Monday, August 18, 2008

I might try and play in this one......

I might try and play (for a limited time) in this one..........


Coming up next on the contest calendar is the Ohio QSO Party, this coming
Saturday, August 23, from 1600z to 0400z August 24 (noon to midnight EDT). OQP
is sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club.

With there being five weekends in August this year, we are blessed with a
weekend largely to ourselves, sharing only with the Hawaii QSO Party. Not RTTY
contests, no European contests, no VHF contests. Those come the following

For you skimmer fans out there, here is your opportunity to test things
under real contest conditions. OQP already allows packet for single ops, so
adding a skimmer into the mix is no problem. 20 KHz of bandwidth will cover 99%
of the CW activity, so there will be less of a processing requirement. See
how well you (or your skimmer) can find those usually weak mobiles stations as
they move from county to county.

A note for the left coasters: we now award a plaque to the top station in
the Mountain or Pacific time zones. So being out of range for the daytime 40
meter activity will not leave you out in the cold for one of our beautiful

Visitors to Ohio are welcome! If you are anywhere close by, drive on over
and do a mobile or rover effort.

Full info is available at

See you Saturday!

73 - Jim K8MR
OQP Chairman

It's is good to be home

We are now home from our ten day trip to Atlanta (to photograph Pools for Blue Haven Pools) and Huntsville where we attended one of The Best Ham Fest

I am now sitting in front of Two Ft-1000MP's and feel like I am in Ham Radio Operator Heaven
but of course I will now need to add more filters to my old friend (the Ft-1000MP which I have owned for some time before adding the newest one) is not as populated with filters as the new one is !

Had a ton of fun in Huntsville and am already making plans to go back next year.

I will be spending more time on cw, playing with Skimmer tools
of which Rick K4TD did an excellent presentation on at Huntsville
His presentation went beyond just what the tool (skimmer) is
but how to manage all that data without being overloaded and unable to make good choices with it (the data given to us during a contest from Skimmer)


Saturday, August 16, 2008

down hill slide from Huntsville to Home (Louisiana)

It's Saturday night
Not that late, it's only 2145 local
I am beat but so thrilled to have made the journey to the Huntsville Ham Festivities
This evening we had a good dinner and great company
We all got to listen to Ann Santos WA1S
she is a talented and competitive young lady
I also got to learn about Faros software (yes where have I been, as Faros has been around awhile)
Any way, I have the knowledge of a few more tools to implement before ARRL SS this year
And Skimmer will have me in there for the CW portion of the contest as well
It has been a fun trip and I am looking forward to the last few hours of the Hamfest before we head west and home.


Friday, August 15, 2008

K8KI in Huntsville, Alabama

Bob K8KI
my host in Huntsville, Alabama
for the big Huntsville HamFest

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contesting this week........

his week, we'll use the real North American QSO Party rules for the
Thursday and Friday practices,
AUG. 14, 15 local date in North America; Aug. 14, 15 UTC.

Test out your loggers, VOICE KEYERS and station, practice the SSB NAQP rules.

30 minutes starting at 0230Z, and all bands, 160 thru 10m, SSB!
-- Start 0230Z (1930 PDT, 2030 MDT, 2130 CDT 2230 EDT)

NAQP RULES: (NO DUPES on the same band)-- SSB only, 100 watts,
mults count on each band.
BANDS: 10 thru 160m: -- 28500, 21300, 14250, 7225, 3830 +/-
50; 1845; +/-10.
(Practice moving mults to 10/15m). In the summer there can be strange
openings on the high bands, plus ground wave.

The SLOW SPEED CW NS practice continues: 02-0215Z on Thursday only,
20, 40, 80m CW, dupes ok.

The schedule of Thursday (sometimes Friday also) events through
October is now posted on the NEXT NS page at:

General rules and further info at:

-- Report scores near 3610 LSB after the practice, at 0300Z (8 PM PDT) on
the weekly NCCC contest net), or send your score directly to the 3830
Thanks to WA7BNM and N7WA for their posting service.

Next week, Aug. 22, NS rules, SINGLE BAND-20M CW, DUPES 0K, 30
minutes (0230-0300Z).


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Leesville, LA, Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Louisiana Contest Club was formally organized at the Leesville, LA
hamfest. Present at the organizational meeting and signing of the club
constitution and by-laws were the charter members Charlie Morrison, KI5XP;
Roland Guidry, NA5Q; Pat Sonnier, W5WMU; Mark Ketchell, K5ER; and Scott
Dickson, W5WZ. Also present were Louisiana Section Manager Gary Stratton
K5GLS; and Louisiana Affiliated Club Coordinator Jim Bookner, N5NVP.

The Louisiana Contest Club is a special purpose amateur radio club devoted
to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence. Our goals are simple:

--To promote the fun, satisfaction and competitive thrill of radio

--To assist our members in the development of their operating and technical

--To foster increased friendly competition and sportsmanship

--To become a competitive force in club competition of amateur radio

The newly elected officers are: President- Mark Ketchell K5ER;
Vice-President- Charlie Morrison KI5XP; Secretary/Treasurer- Scott Dickson
W5WZ; Director- Pat Sonnier W5WMU; and Director- Roland Guidry NA5Q.

The idea of organizing a contest club originated at the 2008 Dayton
Hamvention in the contest super suite over pizza. The original founders of
LCC felt that an organization was needed in Louisiana to educate, promote
and encourage contesting. Further, they recognized that Louisiana had never
been represented by a statewide contest club. Among Louisiana hams, there
are many recognized and skilled Amateur Radio operators, some who have won
many national and world contesting awards. Through the LCC, we will provide
a vehicle for its membership to further develop contesting skills and
strategies, while allowing members to share collective knowledge and
experience through mentoring.

The LCC has chosen to mark the center of its circle near Marksville, LA at
coordinates N31.226894 Latitude and W91.944580 Longitude. This circle
INCLUDES ALL of Louisiana except the very tip of the Mississipi River delta.
It will also include the following population centers in neighboring states:

Beaumont TX

Lufkin TX

Greenville MS

Vicksburg MS

Natchez MS

Jackson MS

Hattiesburg MS

Eldorado AR

Magnolia AR

All persons interested in amateur radio contesting shall be eligible to
submit an application for membership. Membership shall be by application and
dues payment of $20 annually.

Please visit our website at or contact us via

As our mascot Chomps Boo-TAY states, "laissez lez Contest roulez!" (Let the
Contest roll!)

--Scott Dickson, W5WZ

--LCC Sectretary/Treasurer


W1AW/4 this saturday

W1AW/4 will be operating from the hamfest floor during exhibit hours. This includes a few hours on Saturday during the NAQP. We’ll be set up for phone, CW, and (if I remember everything) RTTY. Come on by and operate!

Hmmmm do I work a couple of hours in the NAQP from W1AW/4 or the Albama Contest Group station set up just outside the hamfest ??

watch for the distinct kg5vk Voice and find out

on another exciting subject just got the ups tracking number for my new (Used but new to me)


Friday, August 01, 2008

Skimmer if you have no idea what it is sit up and take note....

Click here
for the article on Radio-Sport about skimmer
Think of it as the New Dx cluster for contesting but with always live data