Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please visit our State version of the ARRL website

I am really amazed at how little activity there is to the ARRL site for our state
and I am hoping that before the site is abandoned by the current webmaster
we can get a buzz started about the site and the tools offered there

There is a survey posted there
for the usefulness of the site
and only 13 surveys have been completed

I know there are a lot more than 13 ops that are computer savy enough to benifit from tools on the site
please visit the site, do the short survey and post constructive comments

Please make the webmaster there feel their time and effort is not wasted !!!

This site has had a lot of work done to it as compared to what it was several years ago
but it looks like only a few people visit it.

Thank You and 73


My Ham Radio Friends