Monday, September 23, 2019

West Gulf Division Director Candidates

The ARRL announced an election will be held for a new Director in the West Gulf Division
this Division includes Texas and Oklahoma.

Earlier indications were that Alan Brown K5AB was going to run against John Robert Stratton N5AUS our current acting Director.

In fact during the Austin Summer Fest, I was approached by friends of Mr. Brown
Wanting me to support Alan.  At that time I had not yet met Alan, but knew of his website and I was not impressed,  however, later that day after being berated by his friend's for over an hour in the hall way at Summer Fest, I did get to meet Alan.

In fact, instead of chatting in a hallway Alan and I found a quiet place to visit

I came away liking the man, but not in favor of his campaign style.

I asked him if he could create a page that contained Positive Bullet statements on what he brings to the table, his reply was that he already had that on his website which at this moment is being rewritten apparently as that site is under construction as of September 16 at 1300 local.

Of course, both current candidates have a page
I recommend you read each one for yourself and see who you think will be the most beneficial as our director.
I know who I am voting for,  he has a track record of working the issues and a working relationship with the majority (8) of the 15 current directors.

I think it is strange behavior,  that the friends of Alan Brown
were hard-pressed to find positive reasons for fellow amateurs to vote for him without
harping that another candidate is an attorney, guess what.....

Their new guy Madison Jones is an attorney, but nothing wrong with that, just kind of humorous that now they are backing an attorney.

Fact is Madison Jones W5MJ is running with one agenda
to fight tooth and nail against WinLink, because they (his supporters) feel WinLink will be the death of Ham Radio.

WinLink is no more a death sentence to our hobby than was Side Band, or No Code Licensed amateurs.

WinLink does help ECOM members save lives and that is why the FCC has allowed it on a temporary basis during several Natural disasters, allowing WinLinks use on a regular basis will allow more people to be trained on use of this tool.

John Stratton has pushed more than a few bills through for us Ham Radio operators
and even one that many homeowners in HOA's know little about.
Yes, you can have a whole house propane generator even if you live in an HOA
John Stratton had a direct hand in that bill and it has been the law for some time now.

The same is true for Flag Pole antennas!

Something else that rubbed me the wrong way and did not win me over to the Alan Brown / Madison Jones Camp, they kept telling me their guy was an Extra class OP and that John Robert Stratton is just a General class licensee.  Maybe they thought since I am an Extra class op I would look down on someone being in office that is not an Extra class op, I don't look down on anyone because of a license class, I look at the person as a whole person and the talents they bring.

They also tried using the well he ain't even an active amateur radio op,
guess what....

Once you start working in any ARRL position,  your on the air activity level is going to suffer.

Want to know more contact me and please take a look at

Learn who the Candidates are and what they bring to the table in support of us members
and please Vote when your ballot arrives

Thank You!