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Friday, December 08, 2006

Top Band and way to end the year

Calling all 160M Contesting Creatures, The Boring Amateur Radio Club is producing the 11th edition ofThe Stew Perry TopBand DX Challengeand you should be there! All you really need is a radio, a hunk ofwire, vital signs and the time period off from1500Z December 30 until 1500Z December 31 or at least 14 hours of thistime period preferably when it's dark.The rules and information are straightforward and can be foundat:

This contesting extravaganza is unique in several areas: score perQ based on distance, score enhancementsfor being low power or QRP or even working the peanut whistle types andof course the ability of the contestingcombatants themselves to honor heroic achievements by sponsoring plaquesproduced by The Boring AmateurRadio Club. The famous, smart and good looking Hams listed below havepicked a particular category for this year'sedition of the Test. All it cost them for this immortality is $50 and ane-mail to me advising me of your desired sponsoredcategory. The Boring Amateur Radio Club reserves the right to suggestan alternative category if the one you've pickedseems risqué or perverse. Silly or stupid or clever is fine so the realmof possibilities for your contesting brain is very large.You can join these Stalwarts by thinking up a category and e-mailing meand then sending the $50 pittance.

This year's plaques and Sponsors are:
KL7RA Highest Number of QSO'sW7TMT Top Score, Low Power, First time entryKB7Q Top Score in Grid Field "DM"
N7JW Top Score South of the EquatorK7CA Top Score Asiatic RussiaN0TT Top Score USA Op <> 100 QSOVK6VZ Top Score with antenna in a space <>4000\' above sea levelKR2Q Top Score with Golden Log (no busts)N9ADG We\'re considering several possibilities with this grant

You may have noticed that this is a CW only contest. If your code speed is nonexistentor the equivalent of not old enough to drive yet....don\'t despair! Practice the magicalphrase "QRS", slide up the band a bit and have at it. When a di-dah jockey goes too fast foryou, just whip out the QRS on him/her/it and they\'ll do it again slower. The propagation gurus from The Kenai, Oklahoma, New Yurp, Singapore, Canada, California and Texasall agree that the possibility for tremendous conditions exist for this year\'s edition ofThe Stew Perry TopBand Challenge. So go put up a wire and set aside some personal respite time",1]
N5IA Most Grid Squares workedN7JW Top Score South of the EquatorK7CA Top Score Asiatic RussiaN0TT Top Score USA Op <> 100 QSOVK6VZ Top Score with antenna in a space <>4000' above sea levelKR2Q Top Score with Golden Log (no busts)N9ADG We're considering several possibilities with this grant You may have noticed that this is a CW only contest. If your code speed is nonexistentor the equivalent of not old enough to drive yet....don't despair! Practice the magicalphrase "QRS", slide up the band a bit and have at it. When a di-dah jockey goes too fast foryou, just whip out the QRS on him/her/it and they'll do it again slower. The propagation gurus from The Kenai, Oklahoma, New Yurp, Singapore, Canada, California and Texasall agree that the possibility for tremendous conditions exist for this year's edition ofThe Stew Perry TopBand Challenge. So go put up a wire and set aside some personal respite time
toughest stage. 73 and I remain, Lew W7EW/W7AT The Boring Amateur Radio Club Vice President in charge of plaques, pizza and propagation w7ew@arrl.net_______________________________________________CQ-Contest mailing listCQ-Contest@contesting.com",0]
from all the Holiday blather and hub-bub so you can come out and play with us on Radio's almosttoughest stage. 73 and I remain, Lew W7EW/W7AT The Boring Amateur Radio Club Vice President in charge of plaques, pizza and propagation

The Contest Calendar

For those who would like to plan their future contesting schedule,

aperpetual contest calendar,
which shows the future dates of contests withpredictable schedules through 2016,
is now available at:

It currently lists most of the major contests, but more contests will beadded over the next week.
73 de Bruce, WA7BNM

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't forget the link to SARA from the links area here

We continue to be proud members of SARA
we are the members that are a club within the club (SDXA membership is within the SARA organization)
We pride ourselfs in having friendly get togethers AFTER the SARA meeting at Chef Lee's
Here is a direct link to the SARA Blog, please contribute to both Blogs SARA and SDXA
I am recruiting Moderators for both and those that wish to contribute articles even on an in frequent basis are encouraged to contact me.


Wow a lot of Hams are on U Tube.......

here is a link to one with a contest theme and near the end is some Sick looking antennas

This might be fun, makin g movies to share
Something for after the new year


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Challenge

Last year I entered the ARRL RTTY Round-Up
I choose Multi-OP (It was me plus Pkt cluster)
I also selected High Power

I was the sole entry in this class from the Delta division
and recieved a very nice wood plaque

The cahllenge is for some of you guys to challenge me
compete against me and see if you can take this plaque away !

here is my results from last year...............
10KG5VK79,05085093MBLAShreveport ARA(+packet)

By the way RTTY round-up also includes the PSK modes !!!!!
again remember I entered in the QRO category Multi-Op
You do not nned a lot of power and make sure you dial it down
esp when on PSK or near the PSK frequenciues !!!!!

who wants to challenge me ?

The contest is Jan 6-7 2007

RTTY contesting is a lot of fun
esp with MMTTY
(I use the MMTTY plug-in with WriteLog)


Monday, November 27, 2006

Links to tools and resources.. what have you found ?

here is one I found........... has a tool for FireFox browser users called PropFire
yeap a propagation tool built-in to the firefox web browser

here is a link to the new N0hr Blog

what have you found that we may find useful for Hamming ?


Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Team that beat the pants off us for Delta 1st place last year...

The team that beat us for 1st place in Delta Division last year was not QRV this year !!!!

Here is ana email I got from one of the "Team Members"

Hi Steve,
Well, the best laid plans, etc...
We had planned a full SS Phone effort at K4JNY's until Murphy showed up. One team member had a death in the family, another caught the flu and K4JNY came down with a bug at the last minute. So we had to abandon our plans for this one. K0EJ op'ed for a few hours from the K4JNY QTH with his call and I worked from home. Hope you all did well.
73, Ted W4NZ

So we may have 1st place in the bag for Delta division and hopfully we will move up a notch or two in the region

Thanks again for all of the Team members supporting the KG5VK SS Team !


Friday, November 24, 2006

Zone Prop an On-Line live CQ Zone to Zone prop tool

ZonePropZone to Zone Propagation information will be available for the CQWW cw fromRadio Sport Canada

ZoneProp uses an widely accepted propagation engine to determine the band onwhich a contestant in one CQ DX zone is likely to be able to contact acontestant in another CQ DX zone taking into account the current geomagneticactivity.

ZoneProp produces a 40 zone by 40 zone matrix that is updated hourly atapproximately 20 minutes past the hour. The intersection between a row andcolumn gives the band on which a contestant in the zone represented by therow is mostly likely able to contact an contestant in the zone representedby the column.The zone numbers in the left hand column are clickable. Onceclicked the information for that zone is displayed in isolation above a mapof CQ DX zones. The pages are refreshed every 10 minutes in order to capturehourly updates of the matrix

For technical details see is designed for high speed Internet access using IE 6/7 or a recentrelease of FireFox. It has not been tested in other browsers or on slowspeed (e.g. dialup) Internet access.SylSylvan Katz - VE5ZXSaskatoon, SK

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Immediate Contesting Results in fact real time scores...

It is not a fantasy
It will occur in the reasonable future
in fact real time score bopards are now available for most major contests
and here is a team that is promoting "real time only players"

the next (and the first HF contest) with this tool is the Stew Perry Top Band challenge

cheers !

Thanks to all the Sweepstakes ops at KG5VK !!!

here is what we did.................

score 184,960 pts

Q's 1156
Multipliers 80 (sweep)
Hours on 24


by band......
80m 88q's 7 mutipliers
40m 485q's 36 m
20m 465q's 25m
15m 118q's 12m

Last year we had 1,033 Q's so we excelled by another 123 Qso's
we of course did a Sweep again and I will be placing a check in the mail soon for te Clean Sweep mugs and greatly appreciate Marsh (KA5M) footing that bill

Next year I promise to have the voice keyer working on both radios !!!

73 and happy Turkey Day !!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Band Plans will take effect 15 December !!!

FCC "Omnibus" Amateur Radio R&O Published in Federal Register, Takes EffectDecember 15NEWINGTON, CT (November 15, 2006) -- Just a little over a month after theFederal Communications Commission (FCC) released the Report and Order(R&O), the so-called "omnibus" Amateur Radio proceeding, WT Docket 04-140(FCC 06-149) to the public, appeared today in the Federal Register. It willtake effect on Friday, December 15 at 12:01 EST, 30 days after its publication.The complete news story is found at this link.

a Tip that I thought was worth reviewing.........

just saw this Tip on the ARRL Contest Reflector and felt it was worth a review..........

One more tip for phone contesting - before responding and giving the
contest exchange, breathe in. Then say the whole exchange in one
long exhalation. Do not add extra words like "Please copy" or "Your
number is" or "Check," "Uh," and "And." They are just time and
breath wasters. Listen to the top operators when you tune by them.
The key to sounding like a pro is efficiency and rhythm, giving the
information in the expected order, enunciated clearly for easy copy.

I know our team does this well but I some times habit of adding those fillers
and we need rate ! So you all remind me when I get sloppy.

Am I getting too serious, yea maybe, but we are going to still have a Boat Load of fun
One we get started I will chill, promise - because I know our team is at the helm !
I am just in pre-contest neveves Hi Hi !

Great news my wife gets to come home from the hospital today.
I just talked to her and told her I was finishing a post to the contest team ops...

She said Your not cancelling the contest are you, I said no unless you want me to and she said absolutely not, I do not want you to cancel playing in SS with the guest ops

Is my wife awesome or what !!!!!!!!!!!!


It is this week-end !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course "It" is the ARRL Phone Sweepstakes contest
and it starts at 3 PM Saturday afternoon and runs tell 9 PM Sunday night (local times CST)

It is going to be fun, new gear and more antennas at KG5VK's qth to play with

Computerized voice keying that even gives the contest exchange including the serial number automaticly and even if you need to present a fill that can be done by the voice keyer !

Yeap we could almost lock the microphone away, almost.

I have added dual monitors for increased "computer desk top space"
Band maps for the spots rcvd thru AR user Dx cluster software are clickable
I also added F Keys for a single mouse click to the rate graphs and the multiplier chart as well as change Operator tool all theses buttons are in one small but easily found box at the bottom right of the log entry window

And of course on that seperate computer monitor desk space is ACE HF prop software showing us the status of propagation on each band by color code....
Green (path supported on this freq)
yellow (path about to open or starting to open)
and red (band not yet usable)

on the left radio we have automated rotator support for 15m/20m and 40m
push one keyboard button the antenna will point to the call area for the callsign in the log window

the right radio power band is 75 meters with a beverage antenna and Four Good antennas just for that one band, the right radio is capable of all bands 10/15/20/40/75
the antennas for the higher freqs on this radio are Kt-34xa tri bander at 40 feet and a 4el 40m at 18 feet

The 75m antenna choices are from a low Moxon pointed West, a Hy Gain Hy Tower vertical with a very good ground plane, a long OCF Dipole sloping from 70 feet to 15 ft above the ground to the North West and a large Delta loop broad side favors East and West.

Left Radio is my new "found" Icom 775 DSP you guys are going to love this rig !
she of course drives the Henry 3K amp to legal limit

Right Radio is the famous FT-1000MP that Bobby KF5XV found for me
it is a really neat rig and I have it setup as our primary radio for 75m

The contest software (WriteLog)
auto switches the mike line (and the Voice keyer) to the correct radio based on where you have the mouse there are Two log entry window lines the top one is the left rig and the bottom is the right rig

We can manually select rcv audio from a SO2R switch box
this audio can be left rig in left ear and right rig in right ear
Or audio mixed or even right rig in both ears or left in both ears
easily done with one toggle switch and a pot on the Top Ten Devices DX Doubler Box which sits between the two rigs -- sounds more complex than it is !!!!!!

one radio can CQ by itself while you look at another band for an opening or multipliers on the other rig - I spent about $800 making it so we can use two radios at the same time (one transmit and one rcv with I.C.E. auto switching Band Pass filters

almost all band switching is automated like last year when you change bands change the band switch on the appropiate amplifier

This year we will probably start out the contest on 40m, then move to 75m
and the next morning get started on 20m as the sun rises

Of course with the two radio configuration we can work more than one band at a time
the rigs are set-up so that there is ONLY one Transmit signal at any time per the ARRL rules
There are no band change limits in sweepstakes so we can change bands as often as we want but we of course need to concentrate on high a High Q rate.

Our Goal is 1800 QSO's which comes out to which is a minimum of 75 QSO's per Hour
if we find ourself hunting and pouncing our rate will suffer, one way to keep the rate up is to USE the Two radio configuration while the Voice Keyer is CQing do the Search and Pounce on the other rig - just make sure you listen to both radios and answer any calls from our CQ !!!

The Tennessee contest team that took first pplace ARRL Dekta Division last year from us is K4JNY and they had 1570 Q's with a sweep
KG5VK team had 1,033 Q's with a sweep

So the 1800 target is just that a target
less than that we are looking at a need of 1600 Q's to be in the running for 1st place delta

Remember last year we were 5th in the ARRL Region
yes we made the region box and that was the first time in a long time that our team has made the region box top scores (they only list the Top five)
so even if we don't push ahead of the K4JNY crew we will make the region box again and move us a notch to fourth or third in it - iow I am really happy with the team we have !!!!!!!

The Fun is this week-end please come join us and operate
if your ears are not up to the ssb chatter you can still be an asset to our team
help us not miss that Ten Meter opening and look for multipliers on the pkt cluster spotting computer etc....

The coffee and the sodas as well as the munchies are on me
Marsh KA5M has genrously volunteered to buy the Clean Sweep mugs for our operators
and I greatly appreciate that !

Man are we going to have Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ops may start showing up at my QTH any time after 12 Noon


Thursday, November 09, 2006

SARA Club to be presented a Woody from Mickey Cox at Monroe Hamfest

SARA Club to be presented a Woody (Wood Plaque) from Mickey Cox at Monroe Hamfest

Plaques will be presented to the Minden ARA/N5RD, the Shreveport ARA/K5SL, and the
Central LA ARC/N8OO in recognition of those clubs' outstanding Field
Day performances this year.

For hamfest details, visit

Mickey Cox K5MC
LA Section Manager
LA Section Website:

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pointing the beam..........

if using the left rig and West antenna site (formerly the N5WA array)
simply pressing the keyboard key just to the left of the number one and exclamation mark TOP keyboard numbers not the right key pad

it's called the Grey key
if shift was used it would be the squl key or something name
but we don't use shift

long winded explanation but if a call is in the call window pushing that button on 15/20/40 meters will swing the beams at that call area

Or simply roate the heading select knowb on the rotor control box
or use the CCW or CW buttons but that means keeping one hand on the switch
less ergonomic when typing and tuning the rig

cheers !


WriteLog The Contesting Software at KG5VK

WrietLog is powerful software

set-up can be complicated because of it's many features
Contest OPS need not worry about set-up of the software
I have already done that :)

However I will share a few how to get the most out of the program while operating the contest
here in the BLOG over the next few weeks before the 18th

I will start with Editing a log entry
yes simple old back space or delete buttons work
but there are more tools like adding a note to a QSO logged enrty for later review
like was his call bzf for blooming zipper flipper or was that something else ?

This will help me when "cleaning" the log prior to submission

here we go.............................

Editing in the QSO Entry Window

Here is what the QSO Entry window looks like:

The character editing capabilities of the QSO Entry Window are extensive and follow:

BACKSPACE deletes the character to the left of the cursor.

CTRL+D and DELETE are identical and delete the character under the cursor.

CTRL+A moves the cursor to the beginning of the first (left most) field in the entry window.

HOME moves the cursor to the beginning of the current field.

CTRL+E moves the cursor to the end of the last field in the entry window.

END moves the cursor to the end of the current field.

CTRL+F (or right arrow) moves the cursor one character to the right.

CTRL+B (or left arrow) moves the cursor one character to the left.

ALT+W (or CTRL+BACKSPACE) clears all the fields in the Entry window, and places the cursor in the CALL field.

CTRL+W clears the current field.

ALT+T brings up the timed CQ dialog and turns timed CQ on or off.

ALT+C brings up the Rttyrite call queue, if youre running RTTY. Otherwise it does nothing.

ALT+L forces a switch to LTRS if youre running RTTY. Otherwise it does nothing.

Keypad * clears the RIT setting on your rig if it is attached and if it supports such an operation.

CTRL+K clears the current field to the right of the cursor.

TAB exits the current field and moves the cursor to the next one to the right, unless there isn't one. SHIFT+TAB goes to the previous one to left.

ENTER causes the current values in the Entry Window to be entered in the log at the end. (See also Special Message Accelerator Keys. If you are calling CQ, you want may turn on the preference that causes ENTER to simultaneously send CW, move the cursor through the entry fields, and log QSO's.) WriteLog can refuse to enter the QSO if there is something wrong with the entry. If so, it presents a message just below the CALL field saying what its complaining about.

The QSO fields configured to not accept the SPACE character (i.e., the callsign and numeric fields) usually respond to SPACE by moving the cursor to the beginning of the next field. However, SPACE from the right most field always goes to the CALL field. Typing a SPACE to the CALL field in the rare case (Sweepstakes only) where it is not the left most field goes either to the right, or to the first field whichever is opposite from the way it went the time before.

A right mouse click in this window brings up a menu of items that affect the window, or the radio it controls.

Editing in the QSO Log window

Let's assume that the call in the QSO Log window at number 5 below, JY/K9JY, is incorrect in that K9JY is really in the United States and not in Jordan as shown in the log. Before realizing the mistake in the heat of battle, the operator presses the Enter key and stores the QSO in the Log:

It would be great to have Jordan as a multiplier, but, unfortunately, K9JY is just another one of those 'W' contacts in the CQ WW SSB contest. To edit the contact in WriteLog is simple and follows normal Windows conventions.

First, double clicking on the QSO and the field to be corrected (in our example, the Call field containing JY/K9JY) opens a Log Edit window automatically as shown below:

You will notice that the Log Edit window automatically pops to the top of the QSO Log window. As a result, there is no need to position it on your screen; it pops up, takes the correction, and then politely goes away until needed again.

You will note that the field clicked is what is available to you. If you noticed an incorrect zone in the log, double click on the incorrect Zone to make the zone field available for edit.

Once you correct the call, press the Enter key. Your screen will now look like this:

Note two items: first, the Log Edit window politely went away. Second, note that WriteLog also corrected the country and country prefix with the edit so that the 'new country' multiplier is no longer in the log and the score has been corrected.

However, WriteLog does NOT correct the Zone for the contact for those contacts that use zones as a multiplier. For those situations, follow your editing process again and double click on the zone number for the K9JY QSO to bring up the Log Edit window, correct the zone, and press the Enter key to update the log.

Editing the time, date, or frequency of a QSO will produce a little dialog box that will allow you to either type or mouse click in the correct information.

Adding a Note to a QSO

WriteLog allows you to append a note to a QSO on the fly. Notes can be used for commentary (you're writing an article for National Contest Journal and want to remember what happened during a contest), or for reminders to you (check this station for proper country), or your own commentary about this contact. To do so, add a note to the QSO.

Once a station is in the QSO Entry window, simply type Alt-N (as in NOTE...). A mini window will pop up allowing you to type your note about the contact. All of these notes are stored in a separate file with your WriteLog contest and can be viewed with Notepad or WordPad. The popup window looks like this:

Once you have added your note, click on OK for the note to be saved.

you can read a whole bunch on WriteLog at
don't over look K9JY's website linked from the wl url


Monday, October 30, 2006

ARRL SweepStakes is around the corner.........

The CW Portion of ARRL SS is this coming week-end (Nov 4th)
Phone is the 18th


Friday, October 27, 2006

Low bands is where it's at.............

a lot of the time 80/75m is so hard to listen to
because of atmospheric noise QRN and lightning crashes from thousands of miles away are really hard on the ears

with us approaching the end of the bottom of this sun spot or solar cycle we should take advantage of the quiter than normal times

No low band antenna you say, a modest vertical with 7 above ground radials or an Inverted "L" will get you there
last week I worked several new ones on 75 and 80 meters.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Someone recently said no one is writing new software tools for Hams for free any more....

To that I say bull !

Here is a really neat tool that may change the dynamics of contesting

A live score Board of the action in almost real time

watch CQWW play out on! Tell your friends.

written by Gerry, W1VE

Check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Kewel and did I mention it's FREE !


Friday, October 13, 2006

A Fantastic little company that has the Ham Radio Spirit

It's great when you buy a product from Hams that treat other like they would want to be treated

I found a product I needed, I read the reviews

I ordered it

Got it installed and proptly took a lightning hit
my new gear was damaged

I called Jeff and he said pack it up and ship it back to us and we will fix it up and bill you for the return shipping.

Who the heck am I talking about ?
Glad you asked.............

They make one product and they do an awesome job at building a quality product that can only be exelled by their service and support

The RT-20 Rotor controller
is much more than just a different rotor controller than that that came with your rotor

It has programable soft turning limits
it has stop turn for coasting compensation
it has better than 1 degree accuracy if your POT has the resolution for it

It comes standard with a buit-in RS-232 controll so your computer software can tell your rotor where to go :)

A small point and shoot know
for pointing and then hands off rotation

as well as a standard ccw and cw switch

all with service and support from Real Ham Radio ops !!!

In 36 days you may enjoy some of these features while operating ARRL SweepStakes here at KG5VK

Remember SS is 18 November !

and we will also be enjoying increased Phone band previleges


Thursday, October 12, 2006

The ARRL website as well as many others has band expansion news !!!

From 7.150 expanded to 7.125 for Phone

and us Extra class ops get a boat load more room on 75/80 meter phone band
they (The FCC) did nothing with respect to the Code test

read it all at

Remember to check and make sure the date of November 18 is marked out for operating in ARRL Phone Sweepstakes contest with increased phone sub bands it should be really really interesting !!!


Saturday, September 16, 2006

QRZ ? de KG5VK mobile W4

16 September
I'm in Georgia, again
While enroute from Shreveport/Bossier
I worked the Ukraine and Costa Rica and about a dozen other Europeans
Band conditions on 20m were awesome during our drive here yesterday (15 September)

and the best QSO was with Mr Bug Catcher
yeap I am driving down the road while working DX on 20 meters and alongside me pulls this Van

in the passenger side is some one waving 5 2 on their hands at me with a handie talkie
so I switch over to 52 and worked Henry
who is Mr Bug Catcher
the designer builder of my mobile antenna

We visited for awhile
it was really neat to get a chance to chat with the antenna manufacturer while on the road !

Hope everyone back at home is having an awesome week-end WX here is is great
I am considering adding a 12m/17m/30m beam to my antenna farm

any suggestions ?


Friday, September 08, 2006

Band Condidtions

This excerpt from todays ARRL Propagation
"Right now is a fairly good time for long-distance HF communications, because the geomagnetic field is mostly stable, sunspots haven't disappeared, and we are close to the Autumnal Equinox. Running intercontinental paths with ACE-HF propagation software shows very little in the way of openings on the upper bands above 20 meters, with the best bets on 40, 30 and 20 meters."
I have been having a ball on 40m in the morning between 6:30 and 9 local.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Did U know

That if you log into the Blog from an Invitation that I have sent you you may add articles
instead of simply replying to any that I start
So you can start a subject, yourself.
If I have not sent you an invite just ask me in an email and I will add your name to the invite list

The SDX is not my forum
I want other authors,
it would be great if every member could be a thread starter (author)


Friday, August 25, 2006

What have you worked today ?

This thread is geared towards sharing what you have worked and when
Please join in

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The YO DX HF Contest, ALARA Contest,Hawaii QSO Party, Keyman's Club of Japan CW Contest, SCC RTTY Championship, Ohio QSO Party, SARL HF CW Contest and the CQC SummerVHF/UHF QSO Party will certainly keep contesters busy this weekend.
Please see August QST, page 89 and the ARRL and WA7BNM contest websites for details.
Reminder there is a link to the WA7BNM contest calendar from the SARA website


Amateur Radio special event to showcase emergency communication capabilities -- As part of Hurricane Expo Saturday, August 26, in Charleston, South Carolina, members of three Amateur Radio Emergency Service teams (Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester ARES) will operate an emergency-powered special event station
W4H ("Watching 4 Hurricanes") will employ generator power and temporary antennas on 80 through 10 meters from 1300 until 2100 UTC. Stations contacted will receive a commemorative QSL card. Hurricane Expo will aim to inform Charleston-area citizens on how they can protect themselves before, during and after a hurricane. It will feature a hurricane simulator and a demonstration area that will include a live Amateur Radio demonstration.--Dennis R. Zabawa, KG4RUL

Sun Down DX Association

Sun Down DX Association
Please keep in mind that the SDXA is an Inclusive organization
we want anyone and everyone that has like interest to join
whether you wish to only join conversations here thru the Blog or at the meetings at Chef Lee following the SARA meetings
you are welcome !


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

North Alabama DX Club

North Alabama DX Club

The North Alabama Dx Club members were the hoist to DXers from around the nation during the recent Huntsville Hamfest.

KF5XV Bobby and myself (kg5vk) were indeed impressed
by their professionalism and hospitality.

I encourage all SDXA members to consider joining the NADXC
I have already mailed my application !


A Propagation tool that is an Ace


ACE stands for "Animated Communications Effectiveness", a coverage display technique originally developed for U.S. Navy submarine communications.

The ACE method shows a sequential series of coverage maps. When the maps are animated, a movie is shown.

ACE-HF's advantage is that the effects of the day's passage may be easily understood. ACE shows when the HF bands will be open in different world areas.

ACE comprehensive review

ACE has been ordered by me for implimentation in the KG5VK Contest station.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to the reincarnation of SDXA

Formally known as The Shreveport DX Association
The Sundown Dx Association aka "SDXA"
is made up of members that have a like interests

While we will refuse no one form becoming a member (we wish to be a inclusive rather than exclusive organization) those that love to chase DX and esp those that love to nail it with the first call while running lots a watts should definitely apply for membership.

Application for membership could not be simpler
just show up at the SDXA dinner following the Regular monthly SARA meetings at Chef Lee's

Remember all we ask is that you have a passion for chasing and catching DX !

All members are encouraged to post comments here in the Blog !!!