Thursday, May 30, 2019

ARRL North Texas Ham of The Year Nominations are still being accepted

ARRL NTX Ham of The Year Nominations should be more than just a call sign sent to the section manager

A good nomination package might look something like this......

What follows is nomination example

Everyone of the following lines are Bullet statements........

I want to nominate Name and Call sign for NTX Ham of the year.
Is an ARRL member
Was licensed in xxxx, has lived in NTX section X years
Currently is a member of xxxx and xxxx
Received a personal award from for work during weather event on xx date and year for doing XXXX
Presented XXXXXX at xxxx Ham Fest during xxxx and again in xxxx.
Does on-the-air traffic handling on XXX Net
Was instrumental in development of xxxx
Was honored by being the recipient of xxx group or club award
Inducted into the xxxxx
Directly responsible for organizing such and such events this passed year
Passed President of the XXX Amateur Radio club, and Current member of the Board of Directors
Served as a hospital volunteer during XXXXX in xxx of xxxx, at XXXX hospital
Works as a Volunteer doing xxx at their local church on such and such street in no where Texas
Is a VEC and has administered exams during the following club meetings and Ham Fest
Volunteered and assisted our club during it's support of  Mentor Fest (or other event)
Personally Elmer x number of new Amateur Radio operators last year
Assisted HamCom members with x hours of volunteer work in 2018 placing Barricades Thursday evening 

 (following is a sample closing paragraph)
I highly recommend XXXXXX for the award of North Texas Ham of the Year.
A closing paragraph such as this is appropriate to help underline
any of the Bullet statements that are above
You can also include copies of certificates, awards etc
And your closing with your name and call sign

You might not have as many bullet statements listed in the sample above
Those are listed to give you an idea of what a Nomination should look like

Closing date of Nominations will be announced at HamCom on the 8th of June 2019

Email your nominations to KG5VK@ARRL.ORG

Subject title needs to be ARRL NTX Ham of the Year Nomination


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Emory Texas Ham Fest Tail Gate Party

The Emory Ham Fest Tail Gate Party
May 11. 2019

Was a success in my book !
While it rained all day, the turn out considering it was an outside venue was great.
Many of the Rains County Amateurs brought pop up tents for Vendors to use

My Mom has always said that I would not melt if I got wet
and that was true

The fellowship from club members was warm and friendly
I am already looking forward to their next venue !