Friday, November 07, 2008

While preparing for this year I look back at what happened in last year's ARRL SS Phone Contest

Last year we had a false start with some equipment problems that kept us off the air for the first hour.

The First hour or two are always the most intense in a contest and very true in Sweepstakes.
Rick AE5T and His Son N5OZB beat us out of first place in the state as well as our ARRL Division by just over one hundred Q's (106 q's to be exact)

So we were right on their heels !
A good hour and a half with a Q rate of 90 or more an hour and we could have maintained our status in First place in State and Division

Things were a bit more competitive for the region box...........

Foremost we still maintained showing in this Box
however we fell from 2006 fourth place to fifth , still a respectable finish

Again look at how close this race was !!!

KA1ARB 219,840 M (1374 QSO's)
AE5T (N5OZB, op) 182,560 M (1141 QSO's)
W5JJ 174,880 M (1093 QSO's)
W8JI 166,058 M (1051 QSO's)
KG5VK 165,440 M (1034 QSO's)

Sweepstakes Multi-op style is always fun for me
of course like most that enter contest we love to place high in the finish
This Year I believe the competition will even be tougher
with our founding members of the Louisiana Contest Club challenging
all of us for a place in that Region, Division and State places.

And of course this is the 75th year of ARRL SS
and there will be more activity than there has in recent years, possible more OPS on than ever before.
Providing even higher Q counts for everyone.
In the past our target QSO count for finish was often 1500, this year we need to shoot even higher !

ARRL SS Phone is the week-end of 15 November
The contest starts at 1500 local time that Saturday


3AE5T (N5OZB, op)182,5601,14180MLA8924

(+ packet)

(+ K5DB)
Shreveport ARA(+ KA5M, KF5XV, N5VU, N5FH, N5SH, K5SL)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The newest Issue of the NCJ should be in your hands by now......

The cover is adorned by a group photo of the founding members of The Louisiana Contest Club

This organization is long in coming and we are thrilled to see fellow Ham Radio ops in our state with like interests in contesting

I recently met most of these fellow contest minded ops at the Plain Ville Hamfest a few weeks ago
and while the overall turn out for the HamFest was small, it was great to sit and chat about challenges we contest ops face

As of this post Mark Ka5m, Tom K5UIC and myself are the only local hams that are current members of The L.C.C.
If you have any interests in contesting why not take a close look at the LCC
here is the link


PS I will be giving a presentation at the SARA membership meeting this Thursday
the topic is Tools for Plotting your own Beam patterns
with Plotter software and a some hardware.

KG5VK is forming a L.C.C. Team for the ARRL Phone SS contest

Current LCC (Louisiana Contest Club) members on the KG5VK team are

1.KG5VK Steve
2. KA5M Marsh
3. K5UIC Tom

You are welcome to join us !!!!!!!!

Click here to go to the LCC site