Tuesday, February 08, 2011

after the contest analysis tools

A very useful post-contest utility that operates on Cabrillo files is
CBS.exe by Ken Adams K5KA. It parses your file and outputs a host of
useful statistics on rate, six-band QSOs, call areas worked,
multiplier summaries, and so forth. This neat program is free and can
be downloaded from http://www.kkn.net/~k5tr/software/Cbs.exe. Thanks
to K5KA! (Also thanks to K5TR for the tip.)

Another utility that analyzes log files finds your top rate for any
continuous hour is the free MS-DOS(tm) utility called RATE.EXE that
you can download from http://www.k1ea.com/utilities/index.htm or
http://www.benlo.com/ham.html#software. RATE will parse any ASCII log
that has its data in fixed columns and a four-digit time (no colon) --
this works for Cabrillo, as well. Run the program without specifying
an input or output log (enter "RATE" at the DOS prompt) and a list of
commands will follow. You will also have to specify the column in
which the first digit of the time appears -- for Cabrillo, that's 25.
Unfortunately, the program also tells you your Minimum and Average