Saturday, September 16, 2006

QRZ ? de KG5VK mobile W4

16 September
I'm in Georgia, again
While enroute from Shreveport/Bossier
I worked the Ukraine and Costa Rica and about a dozen other Europeans
Band conditions on 20m were awesome during our drive here yesterday (15 September)

and the best QSO was with Mr Bug Catcher
yeap I am driving down the road while working DX on 20 meters and alongside me pulls this Van

in the passenger side is some one waving 5 2 on their hands at me with a handie talkie
so I switch over to 52 and worked Henry
who is Mr Bug Catcher
the designer builder of my mobile antenna

We visited for awhile
it was really neat to get a chance to chat with the antenna manufacturer while on the road !

Hope everyone back at home is having an awesome week-end WX here is is great
I am considering adding a 12m/17m/30m beam to my antenna farm

any suggestions ?


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Randy said...

Bet that was neat having him see one of his antenna's going down the road.
We have W5J for both JOTA and campout week before. "Emergency Prepardness" is Boy Scout theme, and "Pirates" is AKALA(Jota weekend) theme. I see great treasure hunt.