Friday, October 13, 2006

A Fantastic little company that has the Ham Radio Spirit

It's great when you buy a product from Hams that treat other like they would want to be treated

I found a product I needed, I read the reviews

I ordered it

Got it installed and proptly took a lightning hit
my new gear was damaged

I called Jeff and he said pack it up and ship it back to us and we will fix it up and bill you for the return shipping.

Who the heck am I talking about ?
Glad you asked.............

They make one product and they do an awesome job at building a quality product that can only be exelled by their service and support

The RT-20 Rotor controller
is much more than just a different rotor controller than that that came with your rotor

It has programable soft turning limits
it has stop turn for coasting compensation
it has better than 1 degree accuracy if your POT has the resolution for it

It comes standard with a buit-in RS-232 controll so your computer software can tell your rotor where to go :)

A small point and shoot know
for pointing and then hands off rotation

as well as a standard ccw and cw switch

all with service and support from Real Ham Radio ops !!!

In 36 days you may enjoy some of these features while operating ARRL SweepStakes here at KG5VK

Remember SS is 18 November !

and we will also be enjoying increased Phone band previleges


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