Sunday, June 10, 2007

HamCom and The BS7H Presentation....

Wow !

As I race back from Atlanta
I get an email that points out a conflict of dates in my Calendar with my
Planned trip to Huntsville for the Big Hamfest

So while attempting to determine if I can make it
I decide to do HamCom if a buddy or two can join me for the ride there

I'm in Missippi and still on the road, exhausted
I call Ray AD5ZT and he say he would love to go to HamCom (Ray has never been to any Ham Fest)
I then Call Marsh KA5M and Randy K5SL) and find out they are both already there
Marsh informs me of the BS7H presentation scheduled for 10 AM Saturday at Ham Com
I tell him I'll be there !!!!

It was 4 and a half hours of rest out of the car and then Off to Plano Texas for HamCom

The trip was worth it !!!!

Ray bought a new radio for his Jeep
I bought a few small things
and had an over whelming time meeting some of the BS7H memebers

Marsh, Randy and myself (The three of us from our area that worked the BS7H crew)
had our photo done with the BS7H team members that were at HamCom
we will have the photo posted here later

On top of that I got to meet Gary WF5I,
talk about a really neat guy - Tice he has been number one on the DXCC Honor Roll - Wow !

That was one short inexpensive Hamfest but way Fun !



Sharron said...

So what exactly are you doing besides giving a thumbs up?

Steve said...

Welcome to my friends and mine Ham Radio Blog

It is great to have a YL (young lady) join us here.

Any way to answer your question..
I am standing near the top of the first ten feet of a twoer while a very large crane hoist 70 feet of tower into position over my head
and I align the legs to bolt them together
This is during the installation of my 90 foot tower that contains two rather large antennas on the top

cheers !


Sharron said...

Is this the new setup that you have out at the house?

Steve said...

it is the newest antenna but it is also almost two years old

88's Ask Your neighbor what 88 mean


Sharron said...

Well...don't think Glenn would appreciate me asking at 1:00 in the morning :)

Here's a totally stupid question...I am sure....I remember Dad talking on his Ham all the time and he always would say CQ...What does that mean?

Steve said...

Stupid question, Not at all !

Cq basicly translates to a General Call

IOW CQ = Is anyone on the frequency that wants to chat

By the Way The Amateur Radio Club is Hoisting ARRL Field Day one week from tomorrow 23/24 June at the Bossier Boat Launch ramp on the Parkway

Everyone is welcome, open to the public

ESP a Blue Eyed Blonde who's daddy was a Ham Radio OP

There will be a few other YL's there that can tell ya what 88's stand for

Bring your camera and you might catch me talking on a radio or two
Be sure to bring Stefan, I would love to see him talk to a few dozen people on Ham Radio, the girls are welcome too

You would get to know the other side of Steven Lott Smith,
the KG5VK side !


Sharron said...

88 - Love and kisses

You should have known that I would look it up on the internet.

Steve said...

yes but I just wanted you to tell me Love and Kisses :)

Tell me again what was your dad's Callsign ?

Cheers !


Sharron said...

KD5KUL....his name was Richard J. Coursey