Wednesday, September 05, 2007


WAE DX Contest--SSB, sponsored by the Deutscher ARC from 0000Z Sep 8
- 2359Z Sep 9. Frequencies: 80-10 meters according to Region I band
plan. Categories: SOHP, SOLP, MS, SWL. Spotting assistance allowed in
all categories. SO operate 36 hrs max., up to three off periods of 1
hour min. Non-EU work EU only. Exchange: RS(T) and serial number.
Score 1 pt/QSO and 1 pt/QTC. Final score is QSOs + QTCs x weighted
multipliers. Multipliers: non-EU use WAE countries, EU use DXCC
entities plus call districts in W, VE, VK, ZL, ZS, JA, PY and
RA8/9/0. Mults on 80 meters count x4, on 40m x3, otherwise x2. A QTC
is a report sent from a non-EU station back to an EU station of QSOs
that took place earlier in the contest. A QTC contains the time, call
sign, and QSO number of the station being reported (e.g.
1307/DL1AA/346). A QSO may only be reported once and not back to the
originating station. A maximum of 10 QTCs can be sent to a single
station. The same station can be worked several times to complete
this quota, but only the original QSO has QSO point value. Keep a
list of QTCs sent. For example, QTC 3/7 would indicate that this is
the third series of QTCs sent, and seven QSOs are reported. For more
information: or Logs due
by Oct 15 to Please use your call sign as the
subject of the email.

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