Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A couple of OPS at the Helm of KG5VK during ARRL SS

making his first ever DX Phone contact
during a visit to KG5vk

N5VU Marcel & Ka5M Marsh
During ARRL Sweepstakes Phone Contest 2007


Anonymous said...

I'm the OP to the left. I have never seen so many antennas in my life. The 455 watt amplifier helpped tremendously. I love 40 meters and have always had a inverted vee, but neve in my life have I had the chance to actually "rotate" a 40 meter beam. Rock on Wayne! Then theirs Mr. Murphy. Everything was going good 30 minutes before the SS began, I was pushing the equipment as hard as I could just to see if anything would break. All of the sudden, it got quite! However, we were able to contain the smoke within the system. We changed radios, amps, antennas, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree,...nothing. Either the amp would work or the rig would work, but both the amp and the rig would not work together. We did what any good organization would do in this situation, we started throwing money at the problem. The problem was fixed with $1.00. Did you know that paper money is one of the best tools for cleaning dirty relay contacts? Life was good afgterward. I'm ready for next November!

Steve said...

"The station beginding with K"

wow what a great time we had !
Marcel thanks for joining the KG5VK team this year
and posting here !

I will be framing that One Dollar Bill to hang next to our ss plaque !