Thursday, May 22, 2008

LA Special Olympics Event This week-end

How would you like a chance to check out your emergency response gear?

How about a 'no pressure' test of your emergency communications

What about the opportunity to demonstrate ham radio to hundreds of
folks and get to feel good about it?

Well, here is the chance to do all three!!

This weekend in on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus in
Hammond, we
could use some ham radio volunteers to assist with the 'health and
welfare' of
the many athletes from all across the state. You are welcome to
volunteer for
any part of the day, or all day, or all three days if you can on May
23, 24 &

The schedule begins Friday morning at 7:30am and continues through the
afternoon. Saturday events will run from 7:30am until around 5:30pm;
and Sunday
events will be in the morning only (7:30am until noon or 1:00pm).

Just send a REPLY back to me if you would like to participate and I
will pass
your name and preferred time(s) on to Harris Miller, KB5BFK. Non-ham
members of
your family or friends are also welcome to participate in a non-amateur
role, so pass the word around!

TNX & 73,
Bob Priez []

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