Monday, September 05, 2011

New RBN Aggregator Available (version 0.92b)

New RBN Aggregator Available (version 0.92b)

This from Pete Smith.......

Many CW Skimmer or Skimmer Server users are probably aware of the Reverse Beacon Network. The RBN uses a small piece of software called the Aggregator to collect spots from CW Skimmers and Skimmer Servers all over the world and forward them to the RBN's database server.

Since the inception of the RBN, we have been using an effective bare-bones version of the Aggregator written by Felipe, PY1NB, founder of the RBN. Now, thanks to the programming skills of Dick, W3OA, we have a new, Windows Aggregator in a near-final beta form, available for download and use. In addition to being much easier to configure and use, the new Aggregator has some important new features.

* It adds the option of a master.dta check to Skimmer Server (like the Paranoid validation mode in CW Skimmer).

* It also allows users to send spots to the Aggregator without first filtering them to remove the non-CQ spots. The Aggregator then forwards only those spots the RBN requests. For now, that will be CQ spots for HF and all spots for 50 MHz and up. In the near future this will allow us to experiment with spotting the NCDXA HF beacons, and probably other tricks that have not been possible up till now.

* And finally, the new Aggregator permits RBN contributors to connect locally to it with their logging programs, either taking advantage of the new filtering capability or not, as they wish.

For the full story and a download link, see the Reverse Beacon Network blog at

73, Pete N4ZR

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