Saturday, November 19, 2011

ARRL Phone Sweepstakes is this week-end and we are in South Louisiana

Run Station


Steve said...

I am at Ted KN5O's QTHthis week-end for the ARRL Phone Sweepstakes contest this year
We will be using W5RU as our callsign in the contest
It is going to be fun working from someone else's station, as well as challenging
Hope to see you in the contest !
Steve KG5VK

Steve said...

It was great to work from KN5O's QTH Ted has a really good station
The Two station, only one xmt with a lockout took a bit of getting used to
But we all adapted to it pretty well,
of course Sunday when the following video was recorded we (or at least I) was a bit looser on keep ing the xmsions as short as possible

See how wild it can really get...

Steve KG5VK

MR. Agus Winarno said...

Great...have nice NEW Year

Agus winarno