Thursday, November 08, 2012

lotw and hrd

what HRD wants in the second part of the screen
is not always simply your callsign again and your password for TQSL

But more precisely exactly everything that you see in your TQSL
after the first Hyphen

for example most ops have "theircallsign - Home"
in my case I have KG5VK - KG5VK for my primary certificate

so in the HRD upload screen
I place KG5VK then my LOTW password
then further down I place KG5VK and my TQSL password
where you may have anything after that first hyphen

double check what you have by using TQSL and manually signing an adif file
it will show you what you have after the Hyphen

I hope this helps someone !

PS spacing and case sensitive applies to what you enter !!!

cheers !

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