Monday, August 18, 2014

N1MM Logger Website | N1MM Plus Open Beta

N1MM Logger Website | N1MM Plus Open Beta

Please keep in mind downlaods will be "Throttled"

so Tom's server will not die :)

Reminder this is still a BETA version !!!!!

Please, please, please read the FAQ file

before posting any questions on the N1MM email reflector

However when you post a questions many of the team members are monitoring and will strive to answer questions fast and accurately, but once again you can help by reading the FAQ files as your answer may already be there

Last full N1MM (before +) were downloaded over 14 thousand times

so this is going to wild answering every single question if no one reads the FAQ files first.

Below is a Note from Tom....

• When you begin testing, please wait one full day before asking your first question on the reflector. Take the time to look at the manual on the website, and at the N1MM Logger Plus Yahoo group archive. You’ll also find that the N1MM Plus website's Search function has been much improved – please give it a try.




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