Friday, January 08, 2016

YCCC 9 element Low band Vertical RCV Array

Here is a very short Video of the performance of this array....

Note I have only finished 3 of the 9 elements
They are in a line N.E.  / S.W.
The control cable was only two lines for power, none for switching
So the only switching in this first use
is The Array (RX ANT) Versus the Transmit antenna (which is a long legged Vee Beam)
I will be posting more Videos of this very impressive antenna soon.


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Steve said...

The above links shows the RCV array taking a 40 db over S9 signal down to below S9
by switching from NE to SW

Notice I am steering NE versus SW and he is actually in Arizona

The station heard in the Video is Randy KK7TV