Friday, March 10, 2017

My newest antenna at Area 57 aka 125 Contest Ln An 8el Sterba Curtain Array

It's just a wire antenna
But it has an estimated 8db of gain over a dipole
Mine is ladder line fed from a home made 9:1 Balun
It appears to work much better than my 20m ground mounted vertical that has 32 radials
Very few trees here and what we do have are short scrub brushes
So I installed two surplus Telephone poles

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Steve said...

it has been pointed out by someone browsing my blog,
that this antenna is too low to the ground
and most of my Gain for dxing has been lost
My opinion is it is working and it is working better than what I had
is it working as well as it could if it were another 30 feet or more up in the air, of course not.
I probably am loosing half of the Gain but 4dbd is better than 3 dbi