Sunday, November 18, 2018

ARRL SS Phone 2018 at my QTH in North Texas

Guest OPS

K5PS Scott

Victor WB0TEV

With the extraordinary help of  Scott & Victor
We managed a very respectful entry in this years running of the ARRL SS Phone Contest from my modest shack and even more modest and still maturing antenna farm.
With only three OPS, we had a lot of Butt In the chair time, however we managed to have some fun as well !
With a tad over 4 hours left before the end of the contest tonight, were nudging at over 900 Q's
we managed a sweep first thing Sunday morning on Twenty meters when VO1YY answered my CQ SS Call - What a Thrill !

I will follow-up with another post of the results and try and add some pixs of my very modest atnenna farm


1 comment:

Steve said...

we ended up with a sweep and 1046 Q's
for a total score of 173,636 pints
Thanks again to Victor & Scott