Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A good friend asked me today why I want to be the ARRL Section Manager for North Texas

A good friend of mine asked me, 
why I want to be the Section manager of North Texas

Do you know who our current station appointees are ? ( I did not, until recently)
Are they doing a great job ?

Have you told the current Section Manager that they are doing an Excellent job ?
My phone number is 318-470-9806 my Email address is KG5VK@arrl.net
I am available for you to call and chat with, now and in the future
Are you in need of help with something in your station, you read the book and are still struggling to find the answer ?
Are you struggling to find someone to help you put up an antenna, call me 318-470-9806
I recently traveled to Howe Texas to put up two antennas for a fellow Ham (K5FO Jay) that I did not even know (does this mean I will personally put up everyone's antennas of course not, but I will certainly make every effort I can to muster help)

I have always been able to motivate from within, by giving fellow Hams inspiration and courage to tackle the task at hand.
I motivate in a positive manner thru Education.
We need more education in all aspects of our hobby
Why should we learn proper phonetics?
I live in an HOA, how can I get on the air?
Do you have a license and have yet to get on the air?

I may not know the answer to every thing, but I can find the person that does know and we can all learn from that.
I have a track record of Motivating others through my passion and enthusiasm
Please call or email me now, if the line is busy as they say please leave a message or drop me that email and I will get back to you ASAP
I want to earn your vote!


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