Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Propagation tool that is an Ace


ACE stands for "Animated Communications Effectiveness", a coverage display technique originally developed for U.S. Navy submarine communications.

The ACE method shows a sequential series of coverage maps. When the maps are animated, a movie is shown.

ACE-HF's advantage is that the effects of the day's passage may be easily understood. ACE shows when the HF bands will be open in different world areas.

ACE comprehensive review

ACE has been ordered by me for implimentation in the KG5VK Contest station.



Steve said...

Hugo KJ5SZ asked me this morning about how I like ACE-HF

I stated I really like the visualization of what bands are open where.

But it does so much more
think of it as a window to what bands are open where and when as well as what WILL be open at a certain time of the the day and or day of the month.

I had mis understood where ACE-HF was getting it's solar data from,
it gets it from the autors website when you tell it to, you only need to do this once a month because this is a smoothed sun spot number
Tech support is awesome as well,
I emailed him a question this morning and had my answer in great detail in under 3 hours !


Steve said...

The more time I spend reading the instruction manual the more valuable features I have found

The antenna selection can be added to or the current database of antennas, which is fairly large can be modified to beter match your atenna arsenal

The important factor is when calculating a path is to use the right antenna - the one that you use for that band - iow don't run a projected path analysis for 80m while keeping your 40m beam selected - your resulting projections will be skewed
just like the swr will be if you selected the wrong antenna !

I know some will say $90 for a propagation software tool is high, I disagree - it is the perfect item to help me work what I want and where I want.

cheers !


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the info. I ordered a copy of the ACE-HF PRO software today.

Marsh, KA5M

Steve said...

awesome !

I look forward to comparing "user" notes !


Steve said...

Any one else been playing with ACE ?