Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to the reincarnation of SDXA

Formally known as The Shreveport DX Association
The Sundown Dx Association aka "SDXA"
is made up of members that have a like interests

While we will refuse no one form becoming a member (we wish to be a inclusive rather than exclusive organization) those that love to chase DX and esp those that love to nail it with the first call while running lots a watts should definitely apply for membership.

Application for membership could not be simpler
just show up at the SDXA dinner following the Regular monthly SARA meetings at Chef Lee's

Remember all we ask is that you have a passion for chasing and catching DX !

All members are encouraged to post comments here in the Blog !!!



DAHugo said...

I think that those who are Sundown DX'er's as well as members of HURT should have a concealed weapon's permit. Here's teh link: http://www.lsp.org/handguns.html.

And just remember: just as you can never have too much power, you can never have too much ammo.


Steve said...

right you are !

an update on CampMinden 24 August
3 explosions have occured at CampMinden Webster Parish is being evacuated to Sibly, LA.


Anonymous said...

SDXA....count me in. I'm at 323 confirmed, mixed mode, of the current 337.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming contest season, and some more 80M and 40M DXing on CW this winter!

Marsh, KA5M

Richard said...

This looks good to me...I'll be working out on the Ameritron 811H this weekend...

73's all...


Steve said...

Richard (NZ5S)

Welcome to the Sun Down DX Association !!!

Marsh (KA5M) is leading the pack with the numbers, I currently have only 145 mixed, (103 of those on 20m) and 126 on phone. Working on my CW count which is now at 45 countries. I bet there are more than a few with higher numbers than mine.

Let us know how that 811H works for you, I looked at one while in Huntsville but decided my station is set with two amps and don't know where I would put a third !


Bob KF5XV said...

Great DXer Rule QRO or go home...Bob

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm crashing this Bunch. This FCC phone segment expansion is baloney. I read that they're actually going to go state-by-state, and it will be merit-based. Louisiana will now have ZERO phone segments on 40 and 80.

GRIPE: I'm filing for "silent periods" for KF5XV. When he gets on, my LED nitelights pulse and I can't git no sleep.
Also, the window screens on that side of the house hum...and he's miles away.

Anyhow, if you boys will let me join this klub I will pledge to turn on all the lights and appliances so as to use as many watts as possible while I transmit(all I got is that old '140).

I heard some dx yesterday.


Steve said...

you could always move to Dogwood and be in the midst of rf haven
between Glenn,Randy and Floyd I wonder if they need to set-up an I operate at this time plan :)