Thursday, January 19, 2012

ARRL Diamond DXCC award tracking

I ran across this announcement for a software tool to assist us in tracking our progress for the ARRL DDXCC award......


I have added support** for the DXCC Diamond -- figured this was as good a reason as any to finally get this checker project off the back burner :) Example DXCC Diamond report:

Note this is beta ... I got 95% done with it about a year ago and then couldn't get back to it -- But it's a general framework for parsing a ADIF file and checking pretty much any kind of awards. (It started out as a checker for the 070 Club endorsements)

This checker works very well with output from DXKeeper (which produces good adif!!).

Any comments or requests for other award series, please let me know ...

My thanks to David KJ4IZW for his work on this project !

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