Friday, January 06, 2012

Simple Antennas work

Not everyone of us (least not I) can afford big aluminum on all HF bands
wires and ladder line work really well for the low freq stuff
For me it has always been pretty simple 1005/f for a loop of wire
But many can't get even a small loop on the low freq's within their property
Here is a smart guy that shares other methods.........



Steve said...

I saw this comment in a thread on antennas on QRZ and thought it was right on....Steve KG5VK

Of course, it's one of life's little ironies that if you use the discredited 1005/F formula and then forget to compensate for the fact that you are using insulated wire, the two errors pretty much cancel one another and you're happy with the result

Steve G3TXQ

Steve said...

more good links for the discussion of antennas, theory and real world workings.....