Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Challenge

Last year I entered the ARRL RTTY Round-Up
I choose Multi-OP (It was me plus Pkt cluster)
I also selected High Power

I was the sole entry in this class from the Delta division
and recieved a very nice wood plaque

The cahllenge is for some of you guys to challenge me
compete against me and see if you can take this plaque away !

here is my results from last year...............
10KG5VK79,05085093MBLAShreveport ARA(+packet)

By the way RTTY round-up also includes the PSK modes !!!!!
again remember I entered in the QRO category Multi-Op
You do not nned a lot of power and make sure you dial it down
esp when on PSK or near the PSK frequenciues !!!!!

who wants to challenge me ?

The contest is Jan 6-7 2007

RTTY contesting is a lot of fun
esp with MMTTY
(I use the MMTTY plug-in with WriteLog)


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