Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks to all the Sweepstakes ops at KG5VK !!!

here is what we did.................

score 184,960 pts

Q's 1156
Multipliers 80 (sweep)
Hours on 24


by band......
80m 88q's 7 mutipliers
40m 485q's 36 m
20m 465q's 25m
15m 118q's 12m

Last year we had 1,033 Q's so we excelled by another 123 Qso's
we of course did a Sweep again and I will be placing a check in the mail soon for te Clean Sweep mugs and greatly appreciate Marsh (KA5M) footing that bill

Next year I promise to have the voice keyer working on both radios !!!

73 and happy Turkey Day !!!!!!!!!!


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