Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a Tip that I thought was worth reviewing.........

just saw this Tip on the ARRL Contest Reflector and felt it was worth a review..........

One more tip for phone contesting - before responding and giving the
contest exchange, breathe in. Then say the whole exchange in one
long exhalation. Do not add extra words like "Please copy" or "Your
number is" or "Check," "Uh," and "And." They are just time and
breath wasters. Listen to the top operators when you tune by them.
The key to sounding like a pro is efficiency and rhythm, giving the
information in the expected order, enunciated clearly for easy copy.

I know our team does this well but I some times habit of adding those fillers
and we need rate ! So you all remind me when I get sloppy.

Am I getting too serious, yea maybe, but we are going to still have a Boat Load of fun
One we get started I will chill, promise - because I know our team is at the helm !
I am just in pre-contest neveves Hi Hi !

Great news my wife gets to come home from the hospital today.
I just talked to her and told her I was finishing a post to the contest team ops...

She said Your not cancelling the contest are you, I said no unless you want me to and she said absolutely not, I do not want you to cancel playing in SS with the guest ops

Is my wife awesome or what !!!!!!!!!!!!


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