Friday, November 24, 2006

Zone Prop an On-Line live CQ Zone to Zone prop tool

ZonePropZone to Zone Propagation information will be available for the CQWW cw fromRadio Sport Canada

ZoneProp uses an widely accepted propagation engine to determine the band onwhich a contestant in one CQ DX zone is likely to be able to contact acontestant in another CQ DX zone taking into account the current geomagneticactivity.

ZoneProp produces a 40 zone by 40 zone matrix that is updated hourly atapproximately 20 minutes past the hour. The intersection between a row andcolumn gives the band on which a contestant in the zone represented by therow is mostly likely able to contact an contestant in the zone representedby the column.The zone numbers in the left hand column are clickable. Onceclicked the information for that zone is displayed in isolation above a mapof CQ DX zones. The pages are refreshed every 10 minutes in order to capturehourly updates of the matrix

For technical details see is designed for high speed Internet access using IE 6/7 or a recentrelease of FireFox. It has not been tested in other browsers or on slowspeed (e.g. dialup) Internet access.SylSylvan Katz - VE5ZXSaskatoon, SK

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